Party Building Leads and Promotes Technological Innovation

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Recently, first off-line “SLZ4000” integrated asphalt station of Changde Sanyi Machinery Co., Ltd. was loaded and shipped to Anhui province. This new product with technological innovation and work efficiency ranking first in the industry is a gift from Sanyi Machinery dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the China’s Communist Party.

In recent years, Changde Economic and Technological Development Zone has fully stimulated the power of the red engine in the enterprise based on the notion of “Party Building + Technology”. More and more companies, such as Hunan Sanjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Changde Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., pay attention to technological innovation, and promote the high-quality development of the park.

In 2021, Changde Economic and Technological Development Zone will continue to cultivate leading talents in science and technology, industry and professional skills based on leading industries. The Party Working Committee of Changde Economic Development Zone has issued a series of incentives to support high-tech enterprises and innovative talents. Party organizations in various enterprises will create platforms for scientific and technological talents to display their talents. This year, more than 10 enterprises in the park were approved as national and provincial “Little Giant” enterprises, and the income of high-tech industry operating reached more than 20 billion yuan.


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