Deepening the Reform of Supervision and Promoting the High-quality Development of Education

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On September 7th, the Municipal Education Supervision Committee held a plenary meeting. Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Zhou Daihui requested that we grasp the advantageous situation and recognize the urgency of deepening the reform of the education supervision system; we clarify the tasks and solve the key issues in the reform of the education supervision system. The first job is to refer to the requirements of national and provincial documents, establish goals, allocate tasks, confirm responsibilities, refine measures, and further modify and improve Changde City's Implementation Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Educational Supervision System in the New Era. The second task is to do a fine job in preparing for the provincial government's assessment of the municipal government's performance in undertaking education responsibilities in 2021, comprehensively sorting out the benchmarks, listing the positive factors and negative aspects, and solidly making up for the shortcomings. The third assignment is to improve the positioning, focus on key issues, change work style, and promote the development and achievements of the education supervision work with firmer determination, stronger spirit, in a more pragmatic style, so as to achieve the high-quality education in Changde.


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