Gourmet Season Kicks off — Taste of Hunan plus Flavor of Changde

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Yesterday, the Wuling Food Festival started and the 2021 "Taste Hunan plus Taste of Changde" Gourmet Season kick-off ceremony was held. This event was hosted by the Changde Municipal People's Government and undertaken by the Wuling District People's Government. Deputy Mayor Yang Chengying attended the ceremony and announced the opening speech.

At the ceremony, gourmet brands were promoted and catering preferential policies were put forward. The 2021 "Taste of Hunan plus Taste of Changde " events were also introduced.

There are three exhibition areas for branded stores (famous dishes), specialties, and popular and high-quality ingredients, with a total of 50 booths. It is reported that the theme of this gourmet season event is "Thousands of Flavors into Families" and the event lasts from September to December. This event adheres to the principles of government leadership, industry guidance, enterprise managenment, and market-oriented operation. The main goals are to explore Changde cuisine, taste Changde culture, strengthen Changde’s catering industry, and prosper urban and rural consumption. The contents include "Four Specials" (Special Dishes, Special Chefs, Special Stores and Special Food Ingredients) and "Five Channels" (Star-rated Hotels, Featured Neighborhoods, Featured Towns, Tourist Routes, and Large-scale Activities).


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