CCTV's Topics in Focus Recommends Changde's Experience in Epidemic Prevention to Ensure Safety Before New Semester

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It's the beginning of the school season again, and this new semester is a little different. In addition to the new atmosphere brought to the school by the new "double reduction" policy, there are also new challenges brought about by the epidemic prevention and control in the new semester. In order to ensure the safety of the new autumn semester, all schools in various places make careful arrangements and go all out. Last night, CCTV's Topics in Focus discussed about school opening, introducing Changde's experience and practices in epidemic prevention to ensure safety before new semester.

Topics in Focus took Shen Jingxuan, a junior high school student who just entered No. 11 Middle School of Changde this year, as an example. She told her experience about the "14+7" days of fully enclosed management in the community where she lived, and her vaccination before the open day. According to the program, more than 30,000 teenagers aged from 12 to 17 who met the requirements for vaccination in Wuling District have been vaccinated for free on a voluntary basis.

Affected by the new round of the epidemic, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have attached great importance to school opening and required the construction of an "anti-epidemic wall" and a dense "safety net". The Municipal Education Bureau has planned in advance to make arrangements for the opening of the school, organize vaccination in an orderly manner and open a special channel for student vaccination working with the local epidemic prevention headquarters, and set up special vaccination sessions for teachers, students and employees in some schools. At the same time, all the departments of education in the city accurately mapped out the health conditions of teachers and students outside the city and the holiday schedule. Each school has deployed anti-epidemic materials and isolation sites before the start of school, and carried out all-round cleaning and disinfection in the campus, classrooms and dormitories in particular.


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