The National Healthcare Security Information Platform Officially Launched in Changde

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-09-02 18:50:41 【Fonts:Small Big

On Aug. 31st, the launching ceremony of the National Healthcare Security Information Platform was held, which indicates the interconnection between the information of healthcare security system in Changde and the whole country. Zhou Daihui, the deputy mayor, has announced the launching of the platform in Changde.

On May 17th, the project of launching the National Healthcare Security Information Platform started. Arranged by National Healthcare Security Administration and Hunan Healthcare Security Administration, and guided by  Changde municipal Party committee and Government, Changde healthcare security system has made all kinds of preparations and ensured the start-up on time.

The new Platform enables the overall management of the insurance, the perks, the operation, the funds, the pricing and bidding, the intelligent regulation, the public service and etc, which is of great significance to ensure the data sharing and business synergy nationwide.

After the ceremony, the leaders and guests went to No. One People’s Hospital of Changde City, Ji Chuntang Store of Jiu Zhitang Chain Pharmacy, Xia Nanmen store of Yifeng Pharmacy, and No. Three People’s Hospital of Changde City to inspect the launch of the new platform before they held a forum.


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