Changde Carries Out an Emergency Surveying and Mapping Drill for Geological Disasters

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-08-11 10:10:22 【Fonts:Small Big

Recently, three emergency mapping vehicles have pulled into Yueliang Community, Baihe Town, Liuye Lake Tourist Resort. Eleven surveyors quickly rushed to the simulated geological disaster site, set a warning line, and set up instruments and equipment to establish the drone video communication link, with drone roar and intercom voice interweaving together. Changde’s emergency surveying and mapping drill for geological disaster officially opened.

This geological disaster emergency surveying and mapping drill, jointly completed by Changde Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning and Municipal Institute of Land and Resources Planning and Mapping, has comprehensively tested Changde’s emergency surveying and mapping support capacity and provided surveying and mapping support for geological disaster emergencies. For this drill, six working groups, including data collection group, data processing group, geological disaster investigation group, data support group, logistics support group, publicity and reporting group, are divided.


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