Mayor Zou Wenhui Inspects Changde Economic Development Zone

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Yesterday, Zou Wenhui, deputy secretary of CPC Changde Municipal Committee and mayor, led the relevant department heads to Changde Economic Development Zone to conduct field research on creating “five-good” parks and held a symposium to listen to opinions and suggestions for the deployment of the next section.


Mayor Zou Wenhui Inspects Hunan Zhijian Precision Manufacturing Co., LTD

Zou and his delegation went to Hunan Zhijian Precision Manufacturing Co., LTD., Hunan Changde Surface Treatment Industrial Park, Hunan Jinkang Photoelectric Co., LTD., Changde Xiangyu Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., for inspection.

In the symposium held later, Zou listened to the report of the working committee and management committee of Changde Economic Development Zone. Closely around the establishment of “five-good” parks, this year Changde Economic Development Zone has made overall plans to promote park development, project construction, etc. and achieved phased results. From January to July, the total output value of scale industry reached 28.93 billion yuan, up 16.4%; revenue in the general public budget reached 1.451 billion yuan, up 39.03%. It has also focused on building 12 competitive industrial chains and made positive progress; of the 79 key industrial projects, 15 have been put into operation or are ready for production. Open platforms, such as Bonded Logistics Center (Type B), Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, Deshan Port, have been accelerated.

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