Xiumei Town, Linli: Picturesque Countryside Colored with Red Tourism

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In recent years, Linli has supported the development of the red tourism industry in Xiumei Town with the support of the whole county, actively explored the “red tourism +” model, and practiced the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Through investment promotion, project construction, brand promotion and other measures, the deep integration and interaction of culture and tourism have been promoted, and the leap-forward development of the cultural and tourism industry has been realized. It has successively won honors such as “Civilized Villages and Towns in Hunan Province” and “Peaceful Townships in Changde City”.


Lin Boqu’s Residence


Focusing on the red business card of Lin Boqu’s residence, Xiumei Town has continuously increased its planning, construction and promotion efforts, and has successively invested hundreds of millions of yuan in funds, to construct and improve scenic spots and functional facilities, renovate the ring roads in the surrounding villages of the former residence, clean and purify ditches, and improve the quality of greening and lighting. It also hired experts, scholars and veteran comrades in history of the Party and the country to explore the characteristics and spiritual connotation of Lin Boqu’s revolutionary life, carry out the Party’s spirit education and patriotism education activities in multiple forms and channels, and establish a red education and training company. Efforts have also be made to create exquisite experience courses for red education and explore the connotation of red culture.

Tourism has brought popularity and industry as well. Xiumei Town, through concentrated and continuous land transfer, deep low-level renovation, and introduction of large households, in accordance with the idea of “one village, one product, and one village, one speciality”, strengthened the driving force of science and technology, promoted high-quality crops, and developed characteristic industries. A good pattern that can retain customers and benefit all households has been formed. The rise of these characteristic industries not only creates momentum for tourism promotion, but also enhances the added value of products, attracting many tourists to experience rural life.