French Experts Thumbed up Jinshi Maoli Lake National Wetland Park

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     From April 17 to 18, the tour led by Nicola Rosen, the manager of French Development Agency, made a field research at Jinshi Maoli Lake National Wetland Park on demonstration projects of the protection and rational use of biodiversity. Nicola Rosen spoke highly of Maoli Lake’s beautiful natural environment.

     Before this research, the park has been elected as the alternative project in 2018 French Development Loaning projects. The loaning amount is 35 million euros. The park is the only one elected in Hunan Province. Maoli Lake Wetland Park is the largest stream lake in Hunan with the unique natural shoreline in Dongting Lake. The planned area covers 6,250 hectares, stretching across three counties. The total area of the wetland is 4,408.9 hectares. 403 kinds of wetland plants and 262 species of wetland animals lived there, which earns it a reputation as “fishes’ homeland, birds’ Paradise and plants’ kingdom.”

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