Top 10 Changde Cuisine Tasting Activity Kicking off

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     Top 10 Changde Cuisine Tasting Activity offered over 650 people from all orders of society a big feast. 

The opening show

Changde hot pots

The dining ceremony

     At the tasting, Changde top chefs cooked 49 tables of Top 10 Changde dishes and Changde special delicacies, like the Dongting turtle braised with the soy sauce, Taoyuan Shuangxi mutton, three-fresh chowder, liuye tortoise, fried mandarin fish, Shimen intestines and Huaxi bamboo shoots.

The chefs made their debut together. 

The guests thumbed up the delicacies. 

Changde Sixian performance

     The activity was co-sponsored by the Changde Municipal People's Government, Changde Business Bureau, Changde Catering Association and cdyeeas. 

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