Unique Charm of Nianzipu Tourism

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On March 31, more than 50 media reporting the Industrial Targeted Poverty Alleviation witnessed the unique charm of Nianzipu.

     Located in the junction of Zhangjiajie’s three core scenic spots, Nianzipu had been a shop cluster to produce and process tributes for the local chieftains in the past, and now is a major investment project in Zhangjiajie and the key construction project of the Cili County. As the Demonstration Base of Poverty Alleviation in Cili County, the project provides 2000 job opportunities for the local people including over 100 from the poverty households.

     In the recent years, Nianzipu has endeavored to build an AAAA scenic area with the integration of tourism and commerce in Zhangjiajie, the concentrated exhibition base of Zhangjiajie gifts, the largest promotion platform of Cili selenium, the experiencing center of Tujia Minority cultures, the demonstration base of poverty alleviation via tourism, and the local farming culture. 

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