Eucommia Ulmoides Staminate Flower Picking Ceremony Kicking off in Cili

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     Eucommia Ulmoides Staminate Flower Picking Ceremony kicked off in Jiangya, Cili County recently. And 50 media reporting the Industrial Targeted Poverty Alleviation witnessed the ceremony.

Before picking the hundred-year Eucommia Ulmoides Staminate flowers, the villagers expressed their thanks to the Tree God with the traditionally solemn ceremony.

After the ceremony, the youth carefully picked the flowers with wood harrows so as not to hurt the trees.

The sweet warm Eucommia Ulmoides have a good effect on the metabolism of human cells, blood pressure and blood lipids. 

The fresh Eucommia Ulmoides flowers are to be processed more than ten times before sold in the market.

     Cili Country will continue to expand planting the existing 150-thousand-mu Eucommia Ulmoides trees, which not only protects the ecosystem, but also increases the locals’ income.

Eucommia Ulmoides flower tea-making performance.

Qiu Chukai (the second left), the CPC Secretary of Cili County was tasting Eucommia tea and inscribed the Chinese calligraphy for Cili Eucommia Ulmoides.

In the auction afterwards, the one-hundred-year-old Eucommia Ulmoides Staminate flowers were bid by the Cili Rural Commercial Bank with 580 thousand yuan, which will eventually be transferred to the poverty alleviation funds in Cili.

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