Guairu Festival in Xiuxi

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     March 18th is the second day when Changde Media Group took special reports on the 10th anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake. It is also the day for local people to have the annual Guairu Festival, a Qiang Nationality’s carnival in Xiuxi County, Sichuan Province.

The Sacrifice Rite Before Festival

     Qiang Nationality, called Erma by itself, is an ancient nationality in Southwest China. Qiang People worship white stones. They have their own language but no characters. Its history has been passed on orally by “Shibi”, the pleman in charge of sacrifice. “Guiru” means sacrifice, a unique traditional folk custom in Puxi Village, the Qiang Nationality’s habitation. On the second day of the second lunar month, they will welcome spring in their own way to start spring ploughing. 

“Shibi” beats drums for the sacrifice rite

“Shibi”singing Qiang dramas

The grand ceremony

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