Yangko Dance to Spend Lantern Festival Lantern

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      The Chinese Lunar January 15 was the Lantern Festival of 2018. March 2nd happens to be the Lantern Festival this year and the 6th Hunan Network Culture Festival--the Traditional Chinese Lantern Garden Party, which was held in Changde River Street in 2018. The traditional folk performances like lantern riddles, Yuanxiao, dragon lantern dance, lion performance, stilt, land boats, and yangko dance have a permanent cultural charm.

The lantern riddles guessing in the Lantern Festival, an ancient traditional folk custom with a history of more than 2000 years 

The kids are fascinated with the lantern riddles tasting the Tanghulu (sugarcoated hawsticks).

Land Boat Rowing is a folk dance simulating water sailing.

Clam Shell Dance is another traditional Chinese lantern dance. During the performance, the actors dace in the shells.

Piebald Horse Riding win the applause.

The jubilant Yangko Dance brings the festival to its hit.

The little actors are warming up.

Legend says the Lantern Festival lantern originated in the Han Dynasty when a sage helped a royal maid reunion with her family in the brilliantly illuminated royal city by the lanterns.

Lotus lanterns.

The traditional Chinese calligraphy display is another cultural inheritance during the Lantern Festival.

Cameras and mobile phones are far from enough to catch the wonderful moments.

The wonderful dragon dance and lion performance.

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