Changde City Leaders' On-site Supervision of Firework Prohibition

Source:Changde Official Web Portal Date:2018-02-16 22:45:54 【Fonts:Small Big

      Yesterday, Vice Mayor of Changde City Tu Bibo led a team of officials from the Changde City Public Security Bureau, the Changde City Urban Management Bureau, the Changde City Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Changde City Safety Supervision Personnel to supervise on-site the prohibition of fireworks.

      Tu Bibo pointed out that the ban on fireworks and firecrackers is a difficult task during the Spring Festival season. It requires the publicity system exert continuous efforts on persuasion and monitoring. The Changde City Public Security Bureau and the Changde City Urban Management Bureau should closely cooperate and pay attention to the gated communities and public markets so that the Changde City residents can enjoy a happy, peaceful and green Spring Festival.

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      Translated by: Liu Yue