Dongguan Craftsmen & 2018 New Product Release Show Kicking off

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      On January 28, Dongguan Craftsmen & 2018 New Product Release Show was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Changde. Models with luxurious bags offered the audience a big fashion show feast.

      The "30-Minute Transformation" was a real hit in the fashion show, which showed how Ms. Xiong Youliang, the General Manager of Hunan Dongguan Famous Goods was transformed from an ordinary lady to an extraordinary goddess.

      Zhang Hong, Executive Director of Guangdong Dongguan Goods Technology Co., Ltd. and President of Dongguan Changde Chamber of Commerce delivered a speech. 

Male model 

The fashion brought the audience cozy home in the cold winter. 

The fashion show offered the audience an unprecedented feast. 

The catwalk

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