Rare Super Blue-Blood Moon Lit the Sky

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      A total lunar eclipse appeared on January 31, 2018. It is the super moon and the first blue moon eclipsed in 2018, and it is also referred to as the super blue blood Moon. What makes this eclipse rare is that this total lunar eclipse appeared simultaneously a super moon and a blue moon. The last blue moon lunar eclipse was March 31, 1866. The next will be Dec. 31, 2028.

      The moon slowly turns from pearly white to reddish then back to its original color during the period of about five hours. The shade of red from eclipse to eclipse depends on some factors of conditions in the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the position of the moon along its orbit. If there are any significant volcanic eruptions, the red color of the eclipsed moon will be much darker than that of other eclipses. The volcanic ash and other dust in the atmosphere block more sunlight from refracting around the earth during the eclipse and cause the deep, dark red effect.

The initial loss of the eclipse shot with double exposure 

      Changde Convergence Media live broadcast the lunar eclipse with 20 other cities at home and Changde Science and Technology Museum offered professional equipment for the eclipse.

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