Five New Bus Stations to be Built in Changde City

Source:Changde Official Web Portal Date:2018-01-25 20:55:46 【Fonts:Small Big

      On January 26, the shareholders of Changde Public Transportation Station Construction (First-Stage) PPP Project came to the agreement, and the signing ceremony was held in Municipal Transportation Agency. It represents the official landing of PPP Project in our city. On the ceremony, the principals of Municipal Public Transport Limited Liability Company and Hunan Kaile Construction Limited Liability Company ratified an accord. In the next years, there will be five new bus stations in Changde city, including Liuyehu BRT bus station, Chengdong District BRT bus station, Wuling bus station, Zaoguo Road bus station and Dingcheng District BRT bus station. The cumulative investment will reach to 198 million yuan. It’s a significant municipal measure for the convenience of the people. 

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