Changde Residents Revisited History on National Memorial Day

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    December 13th was the fourth "National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims". The national memorial ceremony was held in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.  Changde City, as one of the important battlefields during the Anti-Japanese War, also honored this special day.
    Members of Changde Anti-Japanese War Research Society watched the national memorial ceremony in Lao Ximen Anti-Japanese Cultural Exhibition Hall. Hunan University of Arts and Science professor Zhu Qingru, who has devoted himself to research the Germ Warfare in Changde during the Anti-Japanese War, said that the National Memorial Day is to remember 300,000 compatriots who were murdered by the Japanese about 80 years ago. It also expressed the Chinese people's determination in resisting foreign aggression and maintaining world peace.

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