Chengtoushan National Archaeological Relics Park won the Landscape Prize of the World Architecture Festival

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    Chengtoushan National Archaeological Relics Park in Changde City of Hunan Province, designed by Profesor Yu Kongjian from Peking University and his Turenscape design team won the Landscape prize at the prestigious World Architecture Festival in Berlin in November 2017.

Turenscape, Peasants and their Land: The Recovered Archaeological Landscape of Chengtoushan

    In the park, the design does not interfere with the status of archaeological Relics sites, with a wooden trestle and an environmental interpretation system connecting the outside world. The designers have made ecological restorations to the outside waterfront of the moat surrounding the ruins of the ancient city with various wetland plants and forest belts. The main part of the park outside the core area is redesigned as a farmland, an outdoor rice field museum. A 4-meter-high glass bridge is designed for tourists to have a panoramic view of the northern part of the park.
    Except from one of the birthplaces of rice planting, Chengtoushan National Archaeological Park is kept one of the earliest ancient city ruins in China so far in the list of the “Key National Cultural Relics Protection Unit.”

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