Changde’s First Forest Products Expo Opens on December 29, 2017

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    The news conference at the Changde Forestry Bureau on November 30, 2017 revealed that Changde’s First Forest Products Expo will be held from December 29, 2017 to January 15, 2018 in Changde’s Hefu National Forest Park (Changde Institute of Forestry Science). Four major experience bases and eight major theme activities offer the citizens a green natural journey. Reporters form more than 20 news media attended the conference. 
    The Expo attracts more than 40 exhibitors, including 14 leading enterprises, 10 leading companies, 2 well-known trademarks and 10 famous trademarks in Hunan.
    With presenter of Hunan Runnong Ecological Tea Oil Co. Ltd., the Expo is co-sponsored by the Changde Municipal Forestry Bureau, Changde Hefu National Forest Park, Changde Municipal Forestry Science Research Institute, Changde Municipal Education Bureau, and Changde Municipal Forestry Industry Association.

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