Changde's First Panda Park in Construction

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    Changde's first panda park–Central South•Bamboo Panda Park started construction this month and expected to open in early 2019, according to the news conference of Changde’s First Forest Product Expo on November 30, 2017.
    Central South•Bamboo Panda Park locates in Baiheshan Town, with a planned area of about 690 mu. The panda park covers about 3800 square meters, which meets the needs of tourists’ visit and the panda living and provides an ideal platform for scientific research and education. The panda park plans to introduce 4 pandas and hires professional keepers. Covering an area of about 2000 square meters, the bamboo culture museum introduces the culture, history, cultivation and utilization, technology, literature, art and other derivative cultures of bamboo.

Poster of the Central South•Bamboo Panda Park

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