Twenty Years for Jute Cloth Painting

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    Chinese proverb says it is impossible to embroider and draw on jute cloth for its low quality. But a group of artists in Changde have overturned the tradition and created a new type of painting--Changde Jute Cloth Painting.
    The key of the painting is color fusion. It is so complicated a process to comminute the jute fiber into particles so as to integrate with active environmental dyestuffon jute cloth that it took them 28 years’ trial and hard work since they were working in the former Changde Jute Textile Factory in the late 1980s.
    Changde Jute Cloth Painting is unique in its artistic originality, and the artistic creation varies according to materials, processes and ways of laying. Changde Jute Cloth Painting incorporates the artistic skills of embroidery, western oil-painting and traditional Chinese painting including fine brushwork, line brush drawing, or freehand splash-ink with features of anticorrosion, waterproof, sunscreen, insect proof, mildew proof, etc.

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