Changde Issued RMB 30 Billion Industrial Development Fund

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    On October 31, Changde witnessed the issue and contract signing of RMB 10 billion yuan of industrial development fund with RMB 20 billion yuan credit supporting.

Zhou Derui in Contract Signing Ceremony.

Cao Lijun Delivered A Speech

The Contract Signing Ceremony

The Issue Conference

    Zhou Derui, Secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee, and Cao Lijun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee and Changde Municipal Acting Mayor, attended the contract signing ceremony. Chen Huiqing, Member of the CPC Changde Municipal Standing Committee and Executive DeputyMayor, hosted the contract signing ceremony. Ren Chen, Member of the CPC Changde Municipal Standing Committee and DeputyMayor, issued the setting of Changde’s industrial development fund.
    Changde Municipal Industrial Development Fund sets up 2 billion yuan parent-fund, which integrates various special funds to support the industrial development by the Changde Municipal Government, the rolling investment income and other government-funded capital. The sub-funds are set up by 4:1 in proportion to the parent fund, and six sub funds are set up in the first phase. With a total size of 10 billion yuan and 20 billion yuan credit supporting, the sum amounts to 30 billion yuan.

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