Cao Lijun Inspected Xiangya Changde Hospital

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    On October 30, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee and Changde Municipal Acting Mayor Cao Lijun inspected the scheduling work of Xiangya Changde Hospital. It is the CPC Changde Committee’s and the Changde Municipal Government’s project for the public interests and the people's livelihood. Cao Lijun hoped Xiangya Changde Hospital to take its advantage of high standard in medical care, medical education, scientific research and hospital administration to serve Changde people.

Cao Lijun was inspecting Xiangya Changde Hospital

    Constructed and invested by the Changde Municipal Economic Construction Investment Group Co. Ltd., Xiangya Changde Hospital is a non-profit comprehensive tertiary hospital under the full management of Xiangya Hospital, Central South University. In the first phase, the hospital will have more than 900 staff, 1500 beds, 38 operating rooms with advanced equipments like PET-CT, MRI, DR, etc. It will be estimated to have the admission capability of 4500 patients each day.

Cao Lijun met the staff of Xiangya Changde Hospital

Xiangya Changde Hospital

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