Changde Antique City Settles Down in River Street

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A Stall Showcasing Antiques

    The first antique city in Changde, which is independently constructed, operated and managed by of Changde Daily Media Group, is located in Changde River Street. In the first construction phase, Changde Antique City will cover an area of 3500 square meters in operation with a 100-shop project. Ninety-four businessmen have released the shops so far. As a long-term project, Changde Antique City plans to open 400 shops in two or three years. When fully completed, Changde Antique City will become the largest cultural and creative project and the largest antique and plaything market in Northwestern Hunan Province. At present, the main items of Changde Antique City include antiques, paintings, archaized artworks, sculptures, ancient furniture, stone carving, sundries, root-carving, coins, jewelry, ancient jadewares, ancient books, folk handicrafts, artistic bonsai, and fancy stones.

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