Changde Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival Held

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    In order to show the richness and uniqueness of Changde intangible cultural heritage and enhance public awareness of cultural protection, Changde Intangible Cultural Heritage Fesitival was held in Laoximen(Old Western Gate) from September 16th to 24th.
    The Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival, themed with “old image and new reflection”, embodies the impression of Changde, which is brought back to life on the stage. During the eight-day festival, Changde Han Opera Gaoqiang Protection Center presented the audience with a selection of repertoire, which won acclaim for the actors’ performing skills and artistic attainment.
    Gaoqiang is one of the three tunes of opera in Changde. With over thirty basic tunes and seventy other tunes, Gaoqiang is performed with a vocal accompaniment. In 2006, Changde Gaoqiang was included in the first batch of national intangible culture heritage items.

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