Chrysanthemum Bonsai Exhibitions at Ding Ling Park

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    The chrysanthemum bonsai exhibitions will be open to the public at Ding Ling Park from October 25th to November 24th.
    The exhibition theme is “joyful autumn-gathering at Wuling and fragrant chrysanthemum-blossoming in bonsai.” It focuses on the landscaping of chrysanthemums, with the highlight of the art in chrysanthemum cultivation and bonsai landscaping. Covering 10,000 m2, the exhibition area holds nearly 30,000 bonsai, with 150 varieties and 20 cultivated forms of chrysanthemums.
    This exhibition will also include five other series of theme activities: photographing competition, information consulting platform, flower arrangement competition, chrysanthemum product showing and writing competition based on chrysanthemum.

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