Changde City Awarded Contributors to Poverty Alleviation

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    October 17th was the forth China Poverty Alleviation Day. Changde City held the 2017 awards symposium to honor outstanding people who have contributed to poverty alleviation at the City Planning Exhibition Hall yesterday.
    The City Communist Party Secretary Zhou Degrui, who represents the Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the Anti-poverty Campaign Headquarters, expressed his appreciation and gave warm congratulations to the selected people and cadres. Poverty alleviation is a major project to manifest the superiority of the social system and reflect people-oriented recognition of the Party Central Committee under the State Council. The task of combating poverty is not only a political project, but also a moral project that concerns Chinese people's livelihood, said Zhou Derui. 

City Leaders and the Awardees

Party Secretary Zhou Derui Congratulated the Awardees

At the Awards Symposium

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