19th CPC National Congress Representative from Changde Arrived in Beijing

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    Zhou Xianpeng, the 19th CPC National Congress representative from Changde City, along with 62 other representatives from Hunan Province, arrived in Beijing yesterday at 3 PM yesterday. They will attend the 19th CPC National Congress on October 18.
    Mr. Zhou is a staff member of the Wallace Aphaeresis Plasma Station Company. He directly recruited 2,896 plasma donors and a total of more than 40 million ml plasma has been donated from 2010. He personally donated up to 60 thousand ml blood over 110 times. In his spare time, he also led the local farmers to build the Newhall Navel Orange Cooperative and develop the Xianyang Lake Tourism and Commodity Development Center. By building the online agricultural products trading platform, he led a large number of people out of poverty. Due to his contribution, he was awarded the "National Outstanding Peasant-worker." 

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