Zhou Derui Promoting Changde with Five Key Words at the Opening Ceremony of Taohuayuan Tourism Resort

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    On September 22nd, the grand opening ceremony of TaohuayuanTourism Resort was held, which symbolized 2017 Chnagde Tourism Festival’s inauguration.
    In the welcome speech, Zhou Derui, the Secretary of Changde Municipal Party Committee of the CPC, promoted Changde with five key words: “cultural city, beautiful city, romantic city, dynamic city and hopeful city. Changde is a cultural city as it has a long history and rich culture. It is a beautiful city as it has many natural landscape. It is a romantic city as it bears many legendary folk tales. It is a dynamic city as it is experiencing rapid growth in economy and city quality. It is a hopeful city as it is to become the central city of northeast region in Hunan Province.
    According to Zhou, the purpose of constructing Taohuayuan with collective resources is to build up a higher level of “Economy of Beauty”, to foster it as a destination and a leader of tourism, and to forge it as the best Taohuayuan in all Chinese people’s minds.
    The opening ceremony was ended with the song Taohuayuan in People’s Hearts sung by the famous singer Wu Bixia.

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