A New School Year Starts in Changde Technician College, Welcoming 1200 Freshmen

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    During August 20 to 21, Changde Technician College opens for a new school year, welcoming over 1200 freshmen. Faculties and volunteer students supplied enthusiastic services and patience to all the freshmen and parents. Thanks to the project of smart campus, an internet system for enrolling was brought into operation for the first time and received good effects, which speeded up the efficiency of tasks and services. 

    Various jobs have stepped into right path after the campus moving for a year. With complete facilities, smooth management process, reasonable personnel allocation, and normative teaching and research, more and more students are coming to study in Changde Technician College. At present, entrance education and military training for freshmen are under way. 


the warm atmosphere for welcoming freshmen at Changde Technician College

groups of freshmen are stepping into the campus

the site of enrolling for freshmen

Jiang Xiewu, the principal of Changde Technician College, inspected the job for freshmen

new atmosphere, new starting point, new life

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