Two Pupils from Changde Jindan Experimental Primary School Won National Champion

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    The finals of 2017 Asia-Pacific Youth Robot Competition (APRC) in China was held in Lanzhou, Gansu province lately. Two pupils, Jiao Shifeng and Wang Jinghao from Changde Jindan Experimental Primary School, got first prize in pupil’s team. So they are qualified for the international competition in Great Britain soon. Mr. Huang Xingyong, their couch, was honored as “An Excellent Couch”, and the school was rated as “An Excellent School”. 

    17 items were included in the finals of 2017 APRC in China. There were varied types of competition, like manual, automatic, performance and human figure etc. 400 teams with over 1000 competitors from more than 20 cities gathered in Lanzhou to compete with each other.

 Jiao Shifeng and Wang Jinghao are the only two competitors from our city. 

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