Changde River Street Became a Shooting Location for TV Play

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    A grand online TV play, A biography of kids’ martial arts, was started to shoot at Changde River Street on the morning of August 16. Nearly 150 cast and crew are taking part in this shooting. And it is estimated that the shooting will last for about one month, all located at Changde. The casting is powerful, with a great many famous actors and actress, such as Zhang Zimu, Deng Lun, and Wei Chenyu etc. This TV play includes 12 episodes, 25 minutes for each. Zhoumala for Mandarin duck, and spring and autumn teahouse are the two main locations for the shooting. Zhao Shuo, one of the chief directors, affirmed that the architecture of Changde River Street and the weather here are suitable for the shooting. 

the cast are doing makeup for kids 

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