Nine-year-old Girl with Uremia Received Financial Support from Caring People

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    Recently, one of Hu Xiaoming's Wechat posts has gone viral. The post was about a nine-year-old uremia patient, Xingyu, whose family has been suffering severe financial difficulties due to her disease, in addition to a series of unfortunate events, and hoped it can be a start for loving donations to help.

    Xingyu lost her brother to a brain tumor in 2005 and lost her father in a job accident in 2015. After losing the only breadwinner for the family, the expense for Xingyu's twice a week dialysis has put the family into a urgent financial crisis. 

    Many people have donated necessary supplies and money. If you want to help this family, please contact  Wen Shuizhen (Xingyu's mother) at 187******0799.


Hu Xiaoming's Wechat Post

Xingyu's Grandmother Looking After Her in the Hospital

Xingyu's Mother and Grandmother Rented a Garage Nearby the Hospital 

Xingyu and Grandmother Sitting in Their Bedroom

Caring People Came to See Xingyu with Their Donations

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