Xin'an Listed in Chinese Characteristic Town

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    On August 2, the 2nd Chinese characteristic small towns appraisal completed its publicity, and Xin'an town of Linli County became Changde's first town in the list.

    The Chinese Characteristic Town is organized, cultivated and appraised nationwide by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing, which aims to play the leading role in the construction of small towns at home.

    Due to its featured integration of municipal engineering, waterfront landscape, residence with local charicteristics, and civilized villages, Xin'an has been awarded a number of titles, like the "Chinese Township Star" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and listed as "Comprehensive Reform Pilot Towns in the Small Rural Towns of Hunan Province" in 1995, winning "The National Civilized Town" 3 times by the Central Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee; in 2012 Xin'an was identified as 3rd batch of the Demonstration Towns in Hunan Province and the National Key Town in 2014. 

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