August 8 Awaits Opening Ceremony of Changde’s 7th Games

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Press Conference.

    "Rural Commercial Bank Cup” Changde 7th Games opens on August 8 and lasts until August 18. Hosted by the Changde People's Government, Changde Municipal Culture, Sports, Radio, Television, News and Publishing Bureau and undertaken by the District/County Implementation of the National Fitness Program Steering Committee, "Rural Commercial Bank Cup” Changde 7th Games consist of the adult group and adolescent grou. The Games have concluded martial arts, tennis, chess and volleyball of the adult group and gymnastics, weightlifting, wrestling, youth group, Judo, taekwondo, canoeing, rowing, volleyball, basketball of the adolescent group. Taijiquan and cycling events included, this year’s Games attract a total of 6844 athletes, 2673 more than the 6th Games.

The 7th Games Emblem.

The Games Flag.

The Games Mascot. 

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