Taohuayuan Scenic Area in Trial Operation

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    On the morning of August 1, Secretary of CPC Changde Municipal Committee and Changde Municipal Mayor Zhou Derui announced: "The Taohuayuan Scenic Area is in trial operation!" Zhou Derui got the area’s first ticket and boarded the shuttle to the Taohuayuan Scenic Spot.

Zhou Derui announced the trial operation of the Taohuayuan Scenic Area.

Zhou Derui got Taohuayuan’s first villager card.

The opening ceremony of the trial operation.

    Located in 34 kilometers southwest of the Changde, the Taohuayuan Scenic Area covers a total area of 142.48 square kilometers, with a population of 38000. It boasts the National Key Scenic Area, the National 4A Level Scenic Spots, the National Forest Park, and the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units. 

    In the new era, the Changde Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government initiated a new round of the development and construction of the Taohuayuan Scenic Area and set up the Taohuayuan Tourism Management Administrative Committee in 2011 and the Changde Cultural Tourism Investment and Development Group Company in 2014 to vigorously upgrade the overall quality of the Taohuayuan Scenic Area.

Now the new scenic area is the integrity of the beautiful natural landscape and the local culture like the "Fairyland in the World" based on the traditional ancient Chinese myths and fables.

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