Spring Tea’s Output, Sales and Price Increasing This Year

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    News from Changde Municiple Commission shows that this year the spring harvest ended in mid-May and Changde's spring tea output totaled 7998 tons, increased by 1% compared with that of last year, with the total output value of 512 million 130 thousand yuan, 43 million 640 thousand yuan more than that of last year. Because of the unfavorable weather, the output of famous tea decreased to 1705.5 tons, 18% less than that of last year, and the output value was 325 million 10 thousand yuan, 3 million 820 thousand yuan less than that of last year. The price of finished tea, especially famous tea, has gone up slightly compared with that of last year. Organic tea and specialty tea are promising.

    As an advantageous agricultural characteristic industry in our city, tea has played an important role in the economic and social development of the countryside and has become one of the enriching industries and pillar industries in the advantageous areas. 

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    Translator: Ding Wen

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