Changde Local Cultural Activities Coming Soon in June

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    June 10th will be the first national “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”. For the mean time, a series of cultural activities will be held in Changde Culture Center. From June 1st to 30th, Changde will organize all of the public middle school and elementary school students to visit the intangible cultural heritage exhibition in Changde Culture Center. On June 9th, there will be a “Changde Sixian Seminar”; on June 10th, intangible cultural heritage exhibition in the morning, special performance in the afternoon, Changde Huagu Opera and Changde Sixian performance in the evening. In addition, there are many activities will be held in several counties, including Changde Sixian performance in Dingcheng district, grinding tea culture exhibition in Taoyuan, the promotion of the intangible cultural heritage program “ Yangban Bean Curd Sheets” in Linli and local intangible cultural heritage activity tour in Shimen.

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