2017 Changde Traditional Craftsmen Contest Kicking off

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    May 4 witnessed the 2017 "Changde Traditional Craftsmen Contest" in Shimen County, and 54 tea-making craftsmen of the 13 teams participated in the contest from the Federation of Trade Union of Hanshou County, Taoyuan County, Linli County, Shimen County, Lixian County and Anxiang County. The contest is divided into the manual tea-making operation and tea samples review. 5 top winners are to be qualified for this month's Hunan Provincial Hunan Tea Contest.
    "Hunan Provincial Hunan Brand Traditional Artisan Contest" aims to select top traditional craftsmen in the five traditional industries of Hunan tea, Hunan wine, Hunan porcelain, Hunan embroidery, and Hunan bamboo with the municipal, provincial and final preliminaries.

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