21 First Prizes for Changde in Hunan Provincial Vocational Skills Contest

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    April 28 concluded the 2017 Hunan Provincial Vocational Skills Contest. Changde delegation won a total of 21 first prizes, 28 second prizes, and 23 third prizes, with 19 items qualified for the National Skills Contest for the Vocational Schools.
    The 4-day contest covers a total of 83 items of the 19 major categories. 1363 contestants from the 14 cities participated in the 36 items of the 11 majors for the secondary vocational schools, 177 contestants participating in the 6 items like mechanical assembly technology, automotive electrical and mechanical maintenance, installation and debugging of SCM control device undertaken by Lixian County Secondary Vocational School, Changde Automobile Electromechanical School and Taoyuan County Secondary Vocational School.

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