A Changde Taxi Driver Listed as “Hunan Good Man”

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    Recently, Changde taxi driver Tang Qunwei driving the taxi with JT0295 received a special gift. He was recommended by a provincial activity “I Recommend, I Review the Good People around” and was included in the 2016 annual list of “Hunan Good Man”.
    On July 14th, 2016, Ms. Lu took Mr. Tang’s taxi and left her purse in the taxi. 35,000 Yuan cash, several bank cards, and her ID card were found in her purse. When Mr. Tang discovered her purse, he handed it to his taxi company the next day. When Ms. Lu was informed that her purse was found, she offered 3,000 Yuan as a reward to Mr. Tang. However, Mr. Tang refused to take the monetary reward and considered it as the right thing to do.

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