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Party Building: Striving Forward to Fulfill Responsibility in the Big Test

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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the Changde Municipal Work Committee has focused on the Party’s mission of “centering around the center, building the team, and serving the masses”, insisting on taking political construction as the command, and deeply advancing the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party to the grassroots level. By extension, the sense of responsibility and business of the secretaries of Party organizations at all levels of the municipal organs is stronger, the foundation of Party building work is more solid, and the role of Party organizations is more prominent, providing a strong political guarantee for the city's economic and social development.

In order to continue to strengthen the implementation of the Party building responsibility system of “secretaries’ charging and supervising the secretaries” and continuously initiate the new situation of the Party building work in the era, from now on, the Changde Municipal Work Committee and the Hunan Red Net jointly launched the “Hundred Secretaries Talking about Party Building” column series. In the form of pictures, texts and videos, interviews with municipal organs in recent years that have fulfilled their responsibilities well and are focused on their main business, especially the Party secretaries at all levels who have made great achievements in promoting business development through Party building. As the Chinese saying goes, stones from other hills may serve to polish jade. They share their experience, methods and experience to build a platform for mutual learning and mutual learning for everyone, provide a model of ideas for grasping and construction and showcase the achievements of the work.

This issue will launch the relevant interview reports of Ren Yi, Party secretary of the Changde Disease Control and Prevention Center.


During the epidemic, the Changde City Center for Disease Control and Prevention sent volunteers to the public assembly places to measure body temperature.


Under the Novel Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the entire city of Changde pressed the “pause button”. Here, the Changde City Center for Disease Control and Prevention pressed the “fast forward button”, racing against time regardless of day and night, to keep public safety and march on courageously.

In the face of the sudden Novel Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Changde Municipal Party Committee and the Changde Municipal Government, the Party Branch of the Changde Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) uniformly dispatched 112 staff (including 55 Party members) to listen to the Party’s command and obey the arrangements. The Party members remained true to their original aspiration and kept their mission firmly in mind. They fulfilled the responsibilities of disease control, dedicated the power of disease control, and demonstrated the performance of disease control. They used the "red strength" to build a “steel Great Wall” to fight the epidemic, and put the Party flag on the front line of the fight against the epidemic.

“The General Party Branch of the Changde CDCP has always implemented the requirements of administering the Party strictly, giving full play to the fighting fortress role of the Party branch and the exemplary vanguard role of Party members, insisting on taking the leadership of Party building as the starting point, and fulfilling its responsibilities in this major examination to ensure the prevention and control of this epidemic has achieved substantial results.” Changde City Center for Disease Control and Prevention Secretary of the Party General Branch pointed out in an interview with a reporter from the Red Net Moment.


Carrying out the original mission and firmly shoulder the political responsibility of fighting the epidemic

At the beginning of the epidemic, where the virus came from, how the epidemic developed, how long the prevention and control would last, and other issues were not clear. The society panicked and everyone was at risk, but the disease control people were not afraid and bravely shouldered the epidemic prevention. The role of “vanguard” moved forward courageously around its responsibilities and missions, and   built a “bronze wall” for the people of the city to protect against the virus.

This is a set of data condensing the painstaking efforts of the city’s disease control, medical staff, and related units working on the front line of epidemic prevention and control:

On January 23, 2020, the virus testing laboratory of the Changde CDCP received the first suspected novel coronavirus test specimen. Since then, the disease control personnel were standing by 24 hours a day to ensure that the test results could be made as soon as possible! As of March 6, all 82 patients with confirmed novel coronary pneumonia in Changde had been cured and discharged. Till then, the number of new coronary pneumonia cases in the city was cleared. Changde is close to Hubei, and there is great pressure on prevention and control. A series of “epidemic combat charts” posted on the wall of the office of the Changde Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters represented the days and nights of countless people who fought on the “epidemic line”. The number of new confirmed cases every day, the development trend of the epidemic, and the daily cured and discharged cases…Behind the figures and charts were the hard work of all the workers in Changde Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who worked together even without sleep.

“Since the outbreak of this epidemic, I have deeply realized the importance of Party committee and government leadership, departmental coordination, and public participation. As the leading unit participating in the prevention and control of this epidemic, it is also a mirror, reflecting the leadership of the Party building and the original intention and mission of the disease control personnel.” Ren Yi said. All disease control personnel gathered the centripetal force of Party members in the emergency response to the epidemic; in the full performance of their duties, they strengthened the cohesion of the organization; in their deeds, they demonstrated the Party members’ effectiveness.

Before the official start of the epidemic prevention and control work, the General Party Branch of the Changde Center for Disease Control and Prevention was keenly concerned, took the lead in deployment and advanced planning. In the middle of January, all staffs were organized to conduct comprehensive and systematic training. After the epidemic prevention and control work was officially launched, the central Party branch immediately responded and made scientific arrangements. All Party members, cadres and employees gave up the Spring Festival holiday, and resolutely implemented the 24-hour duty and leadership-led shift system. The Changde Center for Disease Control and Prevention Work Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Epidemics Caused by Novel Coronavirus Infection was formulated, and eleven working groups including the Affairs Coordination Group were formed to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work achieved practical results.


Giving full play to the role of the party branch fighting fortress and the vanguard role of Party members


“We always insist that where there is the epidemic prevention and control task, there is the party organization and party work.” Ren Yi said. The Changde CDCP gave full play to the role of the Party branch fighting fortress and the vanguard role of Party members, and always led Party building throughout the entire epidemic prevention and control.

The 55 active Party members of the Changde CDCP stayed at their jobs during the epidemic, and carried out epidemic prevention and control work such as epidemic research and judgment, inspection and testing, epidemiological investigation, environmental disinfection, and logistics support. The four incumbent Party branches established volunteer service teams for Party members, and set up temperature monitoring points in crowded places such as Changde Railway Station, Taohuayuan Airport, Bus Terminal, and the North Bus Station to prevent the spread of the epidemic through transportation and ensure the safety of passengers.

In 2018, the first Party branch of the Changde Center for Disease Control and Prevention was rated as one of the “Top 100 Party Branches” of the National Disease Control System. In 2019, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention successfully established a provincial-level civilized unit, and the central Party branch was rated as the city’s advanced Party organization by the Municipal Party Committee. Behind a series of honors, it is a true portrayal of this team that is good at fighting tough battles with self-discipline, and works earnestly.

On February 22, Teng Dezhi and Cheng Sijie, two disease control personnel of the Changde Center for Disease Control and Prevention, took the initiative to request that they be sent to the “frontline”. They rushed to the Hubei flow investigation team to support Huanggang City with the Hunan Provincial Disease Control System and were responsible for epidemiological investigations and laboratory testing tasks. The squad of the disease prevention and control system stationed in Huanggang City was awarded the title of “Advanced Group for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in the National Health System”, and the two of them were awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of Huanggang City”. Cheng Sijie joined the Communist Party of China in the critical test. After 37 days of hard work and 14 days of medical observation, he arrived home safely on April 13. “If there is a need, I will be on the front line.” This was the promise made by Cheng Sijie, who had just joined the Party. “I hope I can go to work tomorrow to share the pressure of my colleagues." This was the only request made by the Communist Party member Teng Dezhi to the organization after returning from the expedition. It was simply in such a group of  vanguards that the Changde CDCP demonstrated its advanced fighting capacity.


Going with the masses to make plans for the resumption of work, and let the Party flag fly high in the front line

Sturdy grass withstands high winds; true gold stands the test of fire. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the staffs of the Changde CDCP always put the people’s health in the first place earnestly. The Party members and cadres of the center strived to be the vanguard in preventing the epidemic and become the backbone of the epidemic prevention and control. These “warriors” directly faced patients and close contacts, specimens with extremely high viral loads, and places where the virus was most likely to remain. Every task, every departure, and every stay was extremely dangerous. But they seized every minute to fight against the epidemic with no regard of their own safety.

Under the strong leadership of Party committee at all levels, the battle against national epidemic achieved a phased victory. “In terms of future epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work, production, and school resumption, we will always give full play to the overall leadership role of the general branch team, the core role of branch members, and the exemplary leading role of Party members and cadres, and walk with the masses to resume work and resume work. Resuming school and resuming classes will always make the bright Party flag fly high.” Speaking of the next work, Ren Yi pointed out that the Changde CDCP would always work around the entire city center to escort the health of Changde people and the economy, as well as social development of Changde.

As the main functional department for the prevention and control of major epidemics, the center must not only do a good job in the discovery and disposal of the epidemic, but also in the research and judgment of the epidemic.

What could be done to ensure the safety of people’s lives under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control? Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Changde CDCP insisted on organizing a special risk assessment every 3 days and writing an epidemic prevention and control guide every day to serve as a good adviser for the leadership of the headquarters to make decisions. Given the great pressure of foreign defense imports, in order to carry out normalized management of the epidemic, the center comprehensively guided the construction of nucleic acid testing capabilities in various districts (cities) to ensure that each district, county (city) could have a disease control institution or medical institution for nucleic acid testing. At the same time, centralized observation points were set up to implement landing control of close contacts and regular overseas personnel, so as to minimize the risk of transmission.

“In the next step, the central party branch will bravely assume responsibility, scientifically prevent and control, make overall plans, continue to move forward courageously, practice the original aspiration and mission with practical actions, and use ordinary but great persistence, not only to resume work, resume production, and resume production. The prevention and control guidance for the resumption of school and the resumption of business and the market must also do a good job in disease control itself, and submit a satisfactory answer to the higher-level Party organization and all citizens!” said Ren Yi.