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Build a Harmonious and Beautiful Changde with In-depth Practice of Xi Jinping’s Thought of Ecological Civilization — In Commemoration of the 50th World Environment Day

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Yang Yiwen, Secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee

Zou Wenhui, Mayor of Changde Municipal People’s Government


June 5th is the 50th World Environment Day. China’s theme of this year’s World Environment Day is “Harmony between Human and Nature”, which aims to further awaken the awareness of biodiversity protection in the whole society, firmly establish the concept of respecting nature, conforming to nature, and protecting nature, and building a beautiful home in which man and nature live in harmony. 

In recent years, Changde has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts and resolutely fought the battle for pollution prevention and control. Changde pays close attention to the central and provincial eco-environmental inspections and “looks back” to rectify the problems assigned, solidly promotes the green transformation of production and lifestyle, and continues to improve the quality of the ecological environment. In 2020, the excellent and good rate of urban ambient air quality reached 85%, an increase of 8% compared with 2015. The water quality compliance rate of drinking water sources in up to 13 counties and above was 100%, all water bodies inferior to the five categories were eliminated, and the water quality of the two main streams of Yuanjiang River and Lijiang River remained above category II. The construction experience of comprehensive soil pollution prevention and control pilot areas was promoted nationwide, the forest coverage rate reached 48%, and the wetland protection rate reached 72%. 80% of the city’s terrestrial ecosystem types and 95% of key wild animal populations have been effectively protected, and the people’s sense of gaining from the ecological environment has been significantly enhanced. Changde has been awarded the honorary titles of International Wetland City, National Forest City, and China’s Beautiful Landscape City.

The launch of the 14th Five-Year Plan period marks that China’s ecological civilization construction has entered a critical period in which carbon reduction is the key strategic direction, pollution and carbon reduction synergies are promoted, the overall green transformation of economic and social development is strengthened, and the quality of the ecological environment is improved from quantitative to qualitative features. In a new stage of development, we must fully and accurately grasp the new requirements for strengthening the construction of ecological civilization under the new situation, thoroughly implement the “three highs and four new” strategy, accelerate the construction of a modern new Changde, steadily promote the synergy of pollution and carbon reduction, and accelerate the transformation of economic and social development to a comprehensive green and low-carbon stage. We should essentially improve the quality and stability of the ecosystem, strive to create an ecological pearl in the Dongting Lake area and a model of Hunan for green development, and strive to build a beautiful Changde where human and nature live in harmony.


To build a beautiful Changde, where human and nature live in harmony, we must base on Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has incorporated the construction of ecological civilization into the overall layout of the “five-in-one”, deeply answers such major theoretical and practical questions as why, what and how to build an ecological civilization, promoting the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environmental protection to undergo historical, transitional and overall changes in thoughts and practice, and systematically forming Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization.

Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought is the total integration of ecological values, epistemology, practice and methodology, and is the general policy, general basis and general requirements for guiding the construction of ecological civilization. We must firm our political position and always take Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization as the fundamental guide and gauge for action, always keep in mind the General Secretary’s sincere entrustment of “protecting a river and clear water”, earnestly implement the requirements of “protecting together and engaging in no large-scale development”, resolutely shoulder the political responsibility for the construction of ecological civilization, truly put the restoration of ecological environment protection in an overwhelming position, and firmly hold the bottom line of ecological civilization.

To build a beautiful Changde where human and nature coexist harmoniously, we must continue to meet the people’s growing demand for a beautiful ecological environment. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that a good ecological environment is the fairest public product and the most inclusive people’s livelihood and well being. It is necessary to adhere to the people-centered development ideology, further fight the battle of pollution prevention and control, and focus on solving the major ecological environmental problems the people are most concerned about, so that the people can truly feel the positive changes in the ecological environment. With the most resolute attitude, the most decisive measures, and the most powerful guarantee, we must make every effort to promote the rectification of problems and the handling of public letters and visits assigned by the central and provincial eco-environmental protection inspectors to ensure timely cancellation of relative accounts. It is necessary to adhere to precise, legal and scientific pollution control, accurately locate and highlight ecological and environmental problems and major pollution sources, conduct governance in accordance with the law and scientifically and fully complete all tasks assigned in the “summer attack”. We need to persevere in the battle to defend the blue sky, clear water, and pure land, promote the continuous improvement of the quality of the ecological environment, and protect the blue sky and white clouds, green waters and mountains, and fertile land of Changde.

To build a beautiful Changde where human and nature live in harmony, we must accelerate the promotion of green and low-carbon development. A good ecological environment is the advantage and confidence of Changde. We must always adhere to the path of ecological priority and green development, and do everything possible to consolidate and expand ecological advantages, so that green becomes the bright background of Changde’s high-quality development. We should focus on the four leading industries, four emerging industries and 21 advantageous industrial chains, pay attention to optimizing the industrial structure and energy structure, and fully implement the red line of ecological protection, the bottom line of environmental quality, the online resource utilization and the access list of ecological environment. We need to promote the development of green buildings, green factories, green parks, green life and green consumption, and accelerate the establishment and improvement of a green and low-carbon circular development economic system. It is necessary to continuously improve the supply capacity of ecological products, strengthen the protection and development of ecological products, develop ecological agricultural products production and characteristic ecological tourism according to local conditions. We must make every effort to build a national ecological agricultural product base, continue to expand the brand influence of the livable city, actively develop the large health industry, and strive to transform Changde’s environmental and resource advantages into development advantages, and truly turn lucid waters and lush mountains into invaluable assets. Ecological environmental protection is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity. We must take the initiative, seize opportunities, take innovative measures, strengthen docking reports, strive to gain support from the province, actively seize the policy high ground and take the lead in creating a carbon peak and carbon neutral demonstration zone in the province to win opportunities and initiatives for the development of Changde during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and even longer in the future.

To build a beautiful Changde where human and nature live in harmony, we must strengthen the protection and make scientific and rational use of biodiversity. Biological resources are one of the most precious resources given to mankind by nature. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that biodiversity is related to human well-being and is an important foundation for human survival and development. Changde is one of the regions with the richest biodiversity in Hunan and even in the whole country. There are many priority areas for biodiversity conservation, such as Huping Mountain, West Dongting Lake, and Wuyunjie. It is necessary to improve the working mechanism of biodiversity protection, implement ecosystem protection and restoration projects, vigorously carry out biodiversity observation and protection supervision in key areas, and ensure that the national key protected wild animal and plant resources are effectively protected. It is necessary to carry out in-depth publicity and education activities for biodiversity protection, arouse the awareness of biodiversity protection of every citizen, and continue to make joint efforts to protect biodiversity. We need to scientifically and rationally develop and utilize biodiversity resources, implement the work of “ten-year ban on fishing” and fasting of wild animals in the Yangtze River Basin, carry out production and operation activities within the intensity that the normal cycle of the natural ecosystem can withstand, give full play to the ecological, social and economic benefits of biological resources, and promote sustainable development.

To build a beautiful Changde where human and nature live in harmony, we must adhere to co-construction, co-governance and sharing. The environment is the people’s livelihood, the green hills are beautiful, and the blue sky is also happiness. A happy life requires you and me to work together to create, and a beautiful home requires everyone to work together to build. It is necessary to establish and improve the responsibility system in which the person in charge is the one to shoulder the responsibility, the person who decides is the one to take the responsibility, the person who supervises is the one to be responsible, and who pollutes is the one to bear the responsibility, to really put the principle into effect: “whoever produces handles, whoever pollutes treats, and whoever damages compensates”. The “four-party responsibility” of party and government leadership responsibilities, department management responsibilities, industry supervision responsibilities, and the main responsibility of the involved persons and the “four cheifs’ responsibilities” of river chiefs, lake chiefs, forest chiefs, and chain chiefs must be strengthened, to help build a large-scale pattern of ecological environmental protection that is connected and coordinated as a whole to promote the implementation of various tasks. It is essential to strengthen the guidance of public opinions, promote enterprises to consciously increase the legal awareness of production and meet emission standards, mobilize the masses to strictly abide by the code of conduct for ecological civilization, actively participate in, support, and supervise ecological and environmental protection work, and create a good social fashion that advocates green notion and protects the environment.


Related activities:

On June 5th, the Environmental Day meeting was successfully concluded at Wanda Plaza in Wuling District. Vice Mayor Yin Zhengxi attended the event and delivered a speech.

At the opening ceremony of the event, Yin Zhengxi announced to the people of the city The Official Report on the Quality of the Ecological Environment of Changde City in 2020. He pointed out that 2020 was a bumper year for Changde’s eco-environmental protection business. It is in 2020 that the city ranked first in the province in the assessment of pollution prevention and control. The improvement of water quality in the provincial control assessment section, the improvement of black and smelly water bodies, the system of river chiefs and lake chiefs, and the clean-up and reform of “small hydropower” were praised by the provincial government. In 2021, Changde will continue to practice Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, always keeping in mind the General Secretary’s “protecting the clear waters” and closely following the general plan of “Carbon Peak in 2030 and Carbon Neutrality in 2060”. Changde will maintain the same direction with undiminished strength, highlight precise, scientific and legal pollution control, further fight pollution prevention and control battles, and make every effort to improve the quality of the ecological environment.