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Head Up for a New Journey to Achieve a New Glory and Draw a New Picture of Wuling in the 14th Five-Year Plan

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Main Goals of Economic and Social Development during the 14th Five-Year Plan

Per capita disposable income of rural residents: 31,235 yuan in 2020; 45,895 yuan in 2025; an average annual growth rate of 8%.

Regional GDP: 41.92 billion yuan in 2020; 67.5 billion yuan in 2025; an average annual growth rate of 10%.

The added value of the primary industry: 320 million yuan in 2020; 350 million yuan in 2025; an average annual growth rate of 2%.

The added value of the secondary industry: 7.52 billion yuan in 2020; 9.59 billion yuan in 2025; an average annual growth rate of 5%.

The added value of the tertiary industry: 34.08 billion yuan in 2020; 57.56 billion yuan in 2025; average annual growth rate of 11%.

Local general public budget revenue: 1.24 billion yuan in 2020; 1.582 billion yuan in 2025; an average annual growth rate of 5%.

The average annual growth of investment in fixed assets: 10%.

Total retail sales of consumer goods: 32.02 billion yuan in 2020; 51.57 billion yuan in 2025; an average annual growth rate of 10%.

Per capita disposable income of urban residents: 43,351 yuan in 2020; 63,697 yuan in 2025; an average annual growth rate of 8%.

Key projects of modern service industry

Modern logistics engineering: Changde will accelerate the development of third-party and fourth-party logistics, vigorously develop new logistics methods such as chain operations, logistics distribution, e-commerce, and experience economy, accelerate the transformation of traditional logistics to modern logistics, and build a modern intelligent logistics system with comprehensive functions. We shall strive to realize that by 2025, the total logistics cost of the whole society as a proportion of the regional GDP will drop by 3 percentage points from 2020, and become an important regional logistics distribution center in northwestern Hunan.

Financial industry project: Changde will deepen the three major tasks of financial reform, focus on making the financial industry bigger and stronger, and spare no efforts to cultivate capital markets. By 2025, there will be more than 90 financial institutions and 8 listed companies.

Cultural Tourism Project: We will fulfill the integration of characteristic cultural tourism resources, focus on promoting the construction of Tianjing Huachi High-efficiency Agricultural Industrial Park, Jindan Yinhe High-efficiency Agricultural Industrial Belt, and Hewei Town, and promote the in-depth integration of tourism resources in the entire region, and make the tourism in Jingwuling area a bigger and bigger brand.

Healthy elderly care project: There will be an establishment of a diversified smart elderly care service model across the district, and a standardized service quality management system created, the diversified supply capacity of elderly care services deepened, the construction of a smart health service system strengthened, with the accomplishment of a basic framework for health information services, and an ecologically livable elderly care environment. By 2025, the proportion of elderly people over 60 years old in home care services will increase from 21% to 30%.

Development Direction of Emerging Advantageous Industries

Equipment manufacturing and military-civilian integration: Changde will accelerate the intelligentization of manufacturing processes and products, build large-scale scientific devices, engineering platforms and other infrastructure, overcome a number of key common technologies, promote a number of transformation and upgrade projects, and improve the R&D and innovation system of emerging industries. By 2025, the equipment manufacturing and military-civilian integration industry will achieve a total industrial output value of 2.3 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 18%.

Cigarette materials: We shall focus on the construction of Furong Daya Chemical Fiber Relocation Projects and other projects. By 2025, the cigarette material industry will achieve a total industrial output value of 2.5 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 17%.

Healthy food: We shall cultivate new kinetic energy in the healthy food industry, and create high-quality ecological healthy food based on the processing of rice noodle oil and aquatic products. We will enlarge the scale of the enterprise, enhance the enterprise strength, and concentrate on the building of the enterprise brand. By 2025, the health food industry will achieve a total industrial output value of 3.8 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 18%.

Electronic information: The acceleration of the construction of key projects of Wuling Smart Industrial Park and Changde Software Industrial Park to promote the agglomeration of electronic information industries will soon be pushed to a new stage. By 2025, the electronic information industry will achieve a total industrial output value of 5.7 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 18%.

New materials: Guided by the concept of “green, upgrading and open development”, we will actively cultivate a service platform for industrial innovation and development, deepen the construction of new materials industry clusters, increase R&D investment, and effectively improve the level of key material technology. By 2025, the new material industry will achieve a total industrial output value of 3 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 17%.

Modern Characteristic Agricultural Key Projects

Jindan Yinhe High-Efficiency Agricultural Industrial Belt: We will be relying on Danxi South Road and its geographical advantages in the suburbs of the city, which will create high-efficiency agricultural demonstration areas such as characteristic Chinese herbal medicines, colorful seedlings and flowers bases, picking areas, and agricultural cultural display areas.

Morel Characteristic Town in Wuling District: The newly built 5000 acres of morel planting base and facilities will be fruitful both for processing, exhibition, sightseeing and tourism.

Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Park: Within the scope of Ludishan Township, we will build a provincial agricultural science and technology park with the goal of constructing modern agricultural production, edible fungi, herbal coffee and other modern agricultural science and technology promotion, as well as sightseeing, tourism, and leisure of Tianjing lotus and Tianchi.

Tianjing Huatian Smart Agricultural Industrial Park: It will adopt smart agricultural technology to build an agricultural industrial park with fruit and vegetable picking, agricultural science popularization, agricultural experience and organic rice planting as the main content.

Tianjing Huachi High-Efficiency Agricultural Industrial Park: In Huangai, Jinshidi, Shigongmiao and other villages, we will create a beautiful rural demonstration area integrating ecological agriculture, leisure tourism, cultural creativity and other construction.

Fennel Planting Industrial Park: The planting area is 920 acres, with construction of factory buildings, covering science and technology buildings, office buildings, staff dormitories, comprehensive services and other civil engineering and production equipment.

Demonstration and promotion of the introduction of new varieties and new technologies in the vegetable bases in Wuling District: The construction of a vegetable science and technology promotion center covers an area of 200 mu; the promotion scale is 10,000 mu per year, with a cumulative total of 50,000 mu, 20 new varieties to be promoted.

People’s Livelihood Guarantee Key Projects

Key social security projects: Changde will actively implement the employment priority strategy, fully implement the universal participation plan, continue to improve the construction of the social security system, promote the construction of service capabilities, and strengthen the construction of nursery and elderly service facilities. By 2025, the medical insurance coverage rate of the permanent population in the whole district will reach more than 95%, and three privately built private mid-to-high-end elderly care institutions with more than 1,500 beds will be built that integrate health care, medical care, and smart elderly care.


Key Educational Projects: We will accomplish the promotion of the construction of education system in Wuling District, including pre-school education, compulsory education, education informatization, comprehensive quality education and training base for primary and secondary schools in Changde City, K12 schools, teacher training schools, teacher team construction, etc. The whole administrative system will focus on achieving a high-quality and balanced development of education. By 2025, the rate of children enrolling in inclusive kindergartens in the whole district will reach over 80%, and the enrollment rate of junior high school-age teenagers will reach 100%. We strive to create a batch of civilized campuses of district-level and above.

Essential medical and health projects: We shall accelerate the improvement of the health system, build a strong public health system, and effectively improve the ability and level of responding to major public health emergencies. We shall also strengthen the construction of medical and health infrastructure and provide support to the leveling up of primary medical and health services. By 2025, the urban community health service population coverage rate will reach 100%, and the number of beds per 1,000 people will reach 5.8. The number of practicing physicians (including assistants) per 1,000 people is not less than 3.05, and the number of registered nurses per 1,000 people is not less than 3.5.

Key projects for cultural and sports undertakings: We shall strengthen the construction of cultural, tourism, and sports infrastructure, prosper the production of fine art, enrich the cultural and sports life of the masses, vigorously develop the cultural and tourism industry, and cultivate or introduce a group of cultural, tourism, and sports professionals. By 2025, the cultural center will reach the national second-level cultural center standard, forming a ten-minute fitness circle, with a per capita activity area of 4.5 square meters and social sports instructors reaching 3.3‰.

High-quality Development of Modern Service Industry

We shall focus on improving the city's service functions, vigorously develop high-end service industries such as headquarters buildings, smart logistics, new infrastructure, health and elderly care, and promote the service industry supported by technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain. We will push forward applying innovation and business model innovation, implement the five major actions of "new and old kinetic energy conversion, service supply upgrade, development quality improvement, platform carrier cultivation, and space layout optimization", and strive to promote the integrated development of service industry and manufacturing, traditional service industry and emerging service industry, in order to achieve both a high rate of industrial production and a high quality of city residents’ daily life, in terms of both convention values and creativeness.

Focusing on the Development of Newly-emerging Competitive Industries

We shall take the realization of high-quality economic development as the main line, effectively speeding up the construction of emerging advantageous industrial chains and the entire network-enabled industrial Internet cluster layout, and focusing on cultivating the five emerging advantageous industries of equipment manufacturing and military-civilian integration, cigarette materials, health food, electronic information, and new materials, increase the extension and integration of the industrial chain, the complementary chain and the advantageous industrial chain, and make every effort to enhance the core competitiveness of the emerging advantageous industries in Wuling District. By 2025, the total industrial output value of the five emerging advantageous industrial chains will exceed 17 billion yuan, accounting for more than 83% of the total industrial output value of the district. We will cultivate 5 enterprises with an annual output value of over 500 million yuan and 50 enterprises with an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. The scale of electronic information, internet, artificial intelligence, software and technical service industries will be built into a 10 billion industrial cluster.

Vigorously Developing Modern Characteristic Agriculture

Adhering to the priority of agricultural and rural development, Changde will take the overall implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as the overall focus, vigorously develop modern agriculture with characteristics, deeply promote the integrated development of agriculture and secondary and tertiary industries, promote agricultural and rural modernization, and promote high-quality and high-efficiency agriculture, and rural livability and industry. Farmers are rich and prosperous. By 2025, the total agricultural output value will reach 800 million yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 3%.

Comprehensively Deepening Reforms

We shall persist in proceeding from reality, fully consider the social conditions, public opinion and existing problems in Wuling District, implement reforms in all fields and links of economic and social development, achieve major breakthroughs in key areas and key links, and promote development, help transformation, and increase benefits through reform. We shall also deepen the reform of the system and mechanism plus the supply-side structural reforms. It will go forward without an ending to vigorously promote independent innovation and reform, deepen the reform of decentralization, management and service.

Improving the Level of Opening Up

The Changde Municipal Government will focus on expanding the breadth and depth of opening up and transforming foreign trade methods, highlighting the introduction of strategic investors, actively implementing the "going out" strategy, and making full use of both domestic and international markets and resources to build a high-level open economic structure.

Acceleration of the Advancement of Technological Innovation

We will comprehensively promote the strategy of "prospering districts with science and technology and strengthening districts with talents", accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation systems and innovation capabilities, and provide strong scientific and technological support for accelerating the building of a modern economic and social district. By 2025, the R&D expenditure of the whole society will reach more than 1 billion yuan, and the transaction volume of technology contracts will reach more than 300 million yuan; more than 60 new industry-university-research projects will be added, one national-level technology business incubator and one provincial-level engineering technology center will be added. 1 provincial-level crowd-creation space will be added, undertaking more than 150 national, provincial and municipal science and technology plan projects.

Expanding Consumer Demand in an All-round Way

We will make sure that a stable and effective investment growth will be guided to tilt investment toward major industrial projects, to cover urban infrastructure, and to extend to the vast rural areas. We will also actively promote elderly care and health consumption, expand information consumption, increase tourism and leisure consumption, promote green consumption, and cultivate consumption hotspots for consumer demand.