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Liu Bo: Let Changde’s Liuye Lake Become the World’s Liuye Lake

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Figure Profile: Liu Bo, former dean of the Art Design Institute of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor. Designer of the emblem of the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games; designer of the mascot of the First Beijing World Martial Arts Games in 2010; designer of the logo for the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Liuye Lake Tourist Resort was successfully promoted to a national-level tourist resort. Xi’s promotion of the “National Brand” and a step towards the national level have put forward higher requirements for the development of Liuye Lake, which means that the level and quality of Liuye Lake will be further improved.

From March 2nd to March 4th, at the invitation of Liuye Lake Management Committee, Liu Bo and his entourage conducted inspections on Liuye Lake, Datang Sima, Kale Planet, Changde River Street and other places, and decided to establish a work on the bank of Liuye Lake. In the room, reporters from all walks of life seized the opportunity of Liu’s being in Liuye Lake and interviewed him on a special trip.

When interviewed, Liu struck the reporters as polite, kind and peaceful with his simple words. The strong artistic temperament in him makes him wear a halo in his speech and behavior.


Liu Bo received an exclusive interview with media reporters.

Liuye Lake is like a brilliant diamond, which should shine all over the world

“As a native of Changde, I basically come to Liuye Lake every other year or every year, but every time I passed by it with a hope of doing something for my hometown I didn’t make up my mind.” Liu Bo told the reporters.

“During the recent field visit, I have had a firm idea of opening a studio in Liuye Lake, and I especially want to contribute my own strength to the development of my hometown when my thinking is still agile.”

“The greatest charm of Liuye Lake lies in the water.” Liu said with emotion, “It is like a brilliant diamond, shining with charming light.” He introduced that the team he led has been traveling by drone and boat in recent days. In other ways, he conducted research on the scenery and water quality of Liuye Lake, and the British artists who accompanied him appreciated the natural scenery of Liuye Lake.

Both Liu Bo and his team believe that Liuye Lake is a treasure bestowed upon Changde by nature, and it is the best thing Changde has done to protect the clear water of the lake. The Liuye Lake diamond not only belongs to Changde, but also belongs to the world. The people of the world should share the tenderness and sweetness that Liuye Lake brings to people.

Liu has been thinking about how we can promote the good mountains, water and scenery of Liuye Lake and how the tourism potential of Liuye Lake can be fully tapped. As a national tourist resort, he said, Liuye Lake should have the international vision and standard which are in line with the world’s first-class tourist destinations and should take “the world’s Liuye Lake” as its own development goal.

In recent years, Liuye Lake has changed a lot, the road network and greening construction have been improved, and the signs are also very clear. If these basic landscapes can be raised to an aesthetic height, the temperament of the entire Liuye Lake will be different.

The studio is set to promote Liuye Lake to an international platform

“Liuye Lake should become the Liuye Lake of the world. It should not be limited to the Liuye Lake in Changde. If you isolate it, it would be too wasteful.” In the interview, Liu Bo talked about the success stories of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. Kumamoto Prefecture has many volcanoes and its resources are very scarce, but the designers of Kumamoto Prefecture have made Kumamoto Prefecture internationalized by creating the image representative of “Kumamoto Bear”.

“Foreign tourists bring back cartoon dolls after sightseeing in Kumamoto Prefecture. This not only provides income for the local finance, but also contributes to the promotion of Kumamoto Prefecture.” Liu Bo said that based on his own teaching and creative experience, there are two points in Kumamoto’s success. One is that the local law gives it an official image, and the other is that it serves as a carrier of cultural dissemination, making the cartoon image of “Kumamoto bear” a bridge and link for foreign cultural exchanges.

Liu Bo said that at this stage, Liuye Lake’s various cultural and creative products and image design are limited and there is a lot of room for improvement. In the future, Liu Bo’s studio will take on this important task and contribute to the improvement of Liuye Lake’s overall image.

When talking about the development goals of Liuye Lake’s internationalization, Liu Bo said, “Liuye Lake should take international tourism destinations as its development goals, conduct de-localization promotion of various landscapes, create an international tourism platform, and invite people of insight and profession to put into operation.”

In the future, Liu Bo’s studio will give full play to the functions of the “Exchange Station” and the “Observation Station” and invite the world’s top artists to come here to create. “Here, our studio will not just simply have painting and carving, but also use the appeal of top artists from all over the world to expand the cultural connotation of Liuye Lake through mutual exchanges, and to strengthen the publicity of Liuye Lake in the form of art.”

Though just getting out of his busy administrative work, Liu Bo told the reporters that he would use his free time to choose different seasons to live in Liuye Lake for a period of time, and fully experience the different beauty of Liuye Lake in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Only by discovering these beauties can we better combine the natural and cultural landscapes of Liuye Lake, and also have imaginative and innovative ideas.

Liu Bo said frankly: “The establishment of a studio in Liuye Lake this time is a demonstration of my hometown theme.” Liu Bo said that he had mostly undertaken national image publicity tasks in Beijing before. Now he has retired and hopes to enhance the overall image of Liuye Lake with his own understanding of national image.

Do it right beforehand and do it well again to show the world the warmth of Liuye Lake

As the person in charge of large-scale national projects for many times, Liu Bo told reporters that the six words he lives up to in his work are “first do right, then do well.” The ultimate goal of the design is to serve people, and the right theme and direction are selected around human nature and human needs, which is the right prerequisite. Only when it is done right can it be possible to further pinpoint the design concept and image positioning before creating.

Liu Bo said that doing right means upholding the principles of high standing, large layout, accurate design and low posture. It is not difficult to do well in this era, but it is not easy to do it right. It requires precise vision and experience to judge and the feelings and mind to serve the people.

Speaking of the international construction of Liuye Lake, Liu Bo said that in the future, the work will focus on three aspects. The first is to work hard on the integration of human landscape and natural landscape to bring more high-quality tourism products to tourists. The second is to find out the advantages, highlight the key points to promote tourism consumption. The third is to do a good job concerning “water” matter, clear positioning for development, and establish a sense of foresight.

Liu Bo also enthusiastically shared his experience as a tourist with reporters. “Santorini has a resounding slogan, ‘Here you can see the most beautiful sunset in the world’”. Recalling the scene at that time, Liu Bo can vividly remember that the sunset is scattered on the sea and the houses on the side of the island are all the uniform white color, giving people a strong visual impact and making people’s thoughts and realm sublimated. In Liu Bo’s view, Liuye Lake can also shine on the world stage.

Telling Liuye Lake’s story with heart

Attracted by a coordinate on the map, seduced by a beautiful picture, you go to the destination alone, stop and go, without boundaries. Like the wind, there is no need to ask where it comes from. Like a hero, there is no need to ask where it heads. An escape from the familiar routine life is the meaning of travel in my opinion.

I originally thought that Liuye Lake had only gleaming water and swinging willow trees. When I arrived at the magnificent Liuye Lake, I first saw a beautiful castle—Ka Le Planet Happy World Theme Park. Many tourists screamed on the hanging roller coaster that passed by, and stepped on the drums of primitive African tribes all the way to the small town of Kale. Cornflower blue, taro purple, turquoise green, rose red, lemon yellow...the roofs, walls, steps, and floors of Kale Town are colorful everywhere. The beautiful castle streets are like using up all the colors of the world. Children with big eyes are licking ice cream outside the corner dessert shop, and from time to time, colorful bubbles are flying in the sun. The gorgeous wooden horse is spinning to the music, and from time to time, a palace-like retro pony cart is passing by. In every corner is a beautiful blockbuster. Everything is like in a fairy tale world.

When I first saw Liuhu Shayue Beach Park with towering coconut trees, the waves were slapping the shores of the lake and beach motorcycles rattling. Children were digging sand and building castles, tourists were playing and taking pictures, and some were even playing kayaks and water. You might find yourself in the island of Sanya.

The breeze of the lake is not as wet and salty as the sea breeze, but it makes people feel soft and gentle. A grab of a handful of soft sand feels like touching the pulse of the sea again. However, this is not the seaside, it is Liuye Lake, or the lake is just the sea that stops inland. When I walked to the lake, I squatted down and listened to the sound of the lake beating the shore, like the tide, but also like the rhythm of a long time. Then and there, the impetuous heart calmed down inexplicably. After night fell, the street lights on Changde River Street in the Liuye Lake Tourist Resort came on. People who live here all the year round never deliberately remember that Liuye Lake has lain there for fifty thousand years. Whether the lake is in the city or the city is on the lake, it is just ordinary life, in which they maintain their own confidence and they are quiet as the flowers bloom and fall.

“In my opinion, compared with the world-renowned landscapes, the most touching thing about Liuye Lake is the warmth of water.” Liu Bo said that releasing with warmth is a narrative style he keeps. Nowadays, all industries emphasize narrative, and the function of narrative should also be highlighted in academics. Therefore, to tell the story of Liuye Lake, it is necessary to show the warmth of water as much as possible. In Liu Bo’s eyes, he appreciates art with warmth, and only after he has improved can he provide feedback on art. Through art, he can release warmth and form a virtuous circle.