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The Most Beautiful Smiling Faces on the Road to Poverty Alleviation by the Side of Dongting Lake

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Xiang Duohan in Lixian County: "the Foolish Old Man" moved the poor mountain in the seventies, and the barren mountain became "Golden Mountain"


Xiang Duohan in Pueraria


The three generations of Xiang Duohan's family are in the same house, but this "popularity and prosperity" has become a fetter, entangling the footsteps of the family's poverty alleviation and prosperity: his wife is sick all the year round, and the eldest son and younger daughter-in-law are disabled. They also need family care, and the two little granddaughters are still in elementary school. Expensive medical expenses, children's tuition fees, and all family living expenses are all weighing on Xiang Duohan and his younger son.

In 2014, when the spring breeze of targeted poverty alleviation blew into Lujiachong Village, Xiang Duohan's family was rated as a poverty-stricken household in the national filed. The poverty alleviation work team and poverty alleviation policies all poured into this small family struggling on the poverty line. The first thing that the Li County Investment Promotion Affairs Center did after they "came into" the Duohan family was to "tailor-make" its poverty alleviation plan. Looking at the mountains surrounding Xiang Duohan's house, they came up with the idea: why not ask for food from the mountains? With the help of multi-level organizational leadership, poverty alleviation work teams and helpers, the concept has changed, and 20 acres of barren hills have been saved from Duohan. "10 acres of kudzu, 5 acres of camellia, and the rest are planted with high-quality rice, soybeans, sesame, watermelon and other economic crops." As for these mountains, the poverty alleviation team made clear arrangements. In addition, fearing no hardships and tiredness, Xiang Duohan also raised more than 1,700 chickens, 15 buckets of bees, and a pond of fish. He had an account in his mind that excluding the income of the younger son working outside, the family’s annual net income was nearly 50,000 yuan, plus the minimum living allowance, subsidy for the disabled, education subsidy, medical insurance exemption, transfer of employment and transportation subsidies, etc. The per capita net income of the Duohan family reached 11,893 yuan. In 2017, he took the initiative to submit an application for poverty alleviation to Duohan, and successfully shook off poverty.


Jin Xiaoping in Taoyuan County: "Brother Crutch" who does not accept his fate


From "crawling" to school to being a hairdresser to being a "chicken commander" to becoming a "Didi driver", Jin Xiaoping of Hailuoshan Village, Zhangjiang Street, Taoyuan County, Changde City, used his "cross-border" life to give an answer.

Jin Xiaoping's childhood was completely destroyed by a sudden high fever. The high fever caused him to suffer from polio when he was young and became a second-degree physically disabled. What can I do to help my son learn a skill and live his own life? The first thing this simple rural woman thought of was a haircut. As a result, Jin Xiaoping was sent to a barbershop in the city to learn how to haircut. “Because of my weak legs, I couldn't stand for a long time and suffered a lot.” A year later, Jin Xiaoping went out of school and opened a small barbershop at the entrance of the village. "At first, everyone didn’t believe in my craftsmanship. My mother went door to door to help me issue invoices." The villagers walked into the barber shop with a try, and saw Jin Xiaoping’s skillful skills and meticulous service. Gradually, they were willing to hand over this "top priority" to him, which became the "first pot of gold" in Jin Xiaoping's life.

Jin Xiaoping was not satisfied with being a hairdresser. He heard that the market for laying hens was good, and he had the idea of being a "chicken commander" again. However, the business didn’t work out well as Jin Xiaoping raised chickens behind closed doors with his own "folk methods". Not to mention the fact that the chicken farms had hardly improved, they lost their blood due to a chicken disease. At this time, the family was impoverished, and Jin Xiaoping's family was also labeled as a “poor household” and received the minimum living allowance. In 2018, targeted poverty alleviation "tailored" him, and street poverty alleviation cadres and village cadres delivered funds and technology to their door. "They heard that I wanted to raise chickens, so they specially came to my door to explain the poverty alleviation policy and suggested that I apply for a poverty alleviation microloan." After the street staff applied, Jin Xiaoping successfully applied for a loan of 30,000 yuan. At the same time, with the contact and help of the street agriculture and forestry station, Jin Xiaoping also went to other farms to learn advanced experience and technology.

With everything ready, Jin Xiaoping, who had been "armed", started the chicken farm smoothly. "In April 2018, I bought 5,000 laying hens and feed. In the past two years, the maximum amount of time can be produced every day. There are more than 12 eggs, more than 4,320. Now these chickens have brought me more than 120,000 yuan in net income." Jin Xiaoping told reporters.



Jin Xiaoping and His New car


From the barber to the "chicken commander", Jin Xiaoping this "slash middle-aged" was still not satisfied, but continued to forge ahead toward the "Didi Driver". This year, Jin Xiaoping got his driver's license and bought a car for his family. In his free time, he “run Didi” to earn “pocket money” for the villagers. As the days began to rise against the wind, Jin Xiaoping took the initiative to contact the village cadres and proposed withdrawal from the subsistence allowance. "I don't want to wear the hat of poor households! I want to be an example for my daughter, telling her that people can live better on their own!" In Taoyuan County, there are 115,800 "Jin Xiaoping". Over the past few years, Taoyuan County has gathered the strength of the entire county to push forward the fight against poverty. The three-level secretaries have worked together to help the county cover in pairs. The precise investment of 4 billion funds has ensured real poverty alleviation, real poverty alleviation, and real poverty alleviation. At present, all 66 poor villages are off list. By the end of 2020, all poor people will have been lifted out of poverty. Taoyuan County has been rated as an advanced county in poverty alleviation work three times.

 Liu Guangping in Dingcheng District: never give up halfway on the road to poverty alleviation



Liu Guangping’s grapefruit has a good harvest.

 When the reporter saw Liu Guangping, he had just returned from applying organic fertilizer in the field. He had on a pair of short rain boots, green short sleeves, black trousers covered with dirt. He had dark skin and a smile. Although thin, he was full of energy, "Can’t stop. It seems that there is endless strength." A few years ago, sudden changes overwhelmed this farmer. In 2014, the eldest son went to college and the younger daughter went to high school. "Children’s tuition fees are like two big mountains." Liu Guangping and his wife planted cotton, vegetables, and fruits and sold them to the market. After a year of busy work, he earned more than 10,000. A drop in the bucket. Liu Guangping became a poverty-stricken household with a file registration card. It was also in this year that Liu Guangping's mother died suddenly, leaving behind his brother who had been paralyzed for many years. "My brother is considerate of my difficulties, and he doesn't want me to help him with anything. He just tells me what he lacks." Speaking of his younger brother, this simple and resolute farmer shed tears. However, fate did not give Liu Guangping a chance to breathe. In 2015, Liu Guangping's wife died of a sudden illness, and the family that was struggling to make ends meet was in even greater difficulty. In 2016, after a friend's introduction, Liu Guangping began to test water and plant grapes. One mu of grapes earned him an income of more than 20,000 yuan. In addition to the previous 4 mu of special dates, 4 mu of oranges, 2 mu of honey pomelo and seasonal vegetables, Liu Guangping’s gross income of that year reached 50,000 yuan. In 2017, Liu Guangping got rid of poverty. .

In the second half of 2019, Liu Guangping set off again to start the road of characteristic planting. He improved new varieties and learned planting techniques. In most of the year, he went to Hubei, Henan, Fujian, Hong Kong, Macau and other regions for variety research and experience inspection, and successfully learned and planted Dingcheng honey pomelo, Chengdu loquat, and Dali. There are more than 50 special fruit varieties such as winter jujube, Xinjiang desert melon, Japanese sunshine rose grape, flat peach, and ornamental trees such as African jasmine and ebony trees. In addition, he also contracted 2 acres of original ecological fish ponds, 6 acres of lobster breeding ponds, 14 acres of orchards, and 30 acres of vegetable gardens. "Sunshine rose 5-6 acres, yellow peach 4-5 acres, Thai red grapefruit and red grapefruit 2-3 acres, more than 20 loquat trees, more than 20 kiwis, and more than 10 mulberry trees..." "There are fresh fruits to eat", "All are good varieties." Speaking of his own fruits, Liu Guangping could tell anything about the treasure. From October 16th to 18th, Dingcheng held the theme event of National Poverty Alleviation Day. At the Consumer Poverty Alleviation Fair, Liu GuangpingGuangping sold 80 Sunshine roses at 200 yuan each, earning 16,000 yuan.

On October 16, the commendation of 2020 Changde City "Most Beautiful Poverty Alleviation Person" and "Self-reliance and Self-improvement Model Household" and Poverty Alleviation Advanced Persons' Deeds Report Meeting was held. Liu Guangping was honored as "Self-reliance and Self-improvement Model Household". 

Liu Guangping is full of confidence about the furue. He plans to build an ecological farm where people who come to travel can go fishing and catch lobsters and pick fruits. He also wants to provide technology and fruit seedlings for the needy and disabled and lead everyone to make a fortune together. Numerous Liu Guangpings’ touching stories of poverty alleviation have been engraved on the land of Dingcheng. Dingcheng District, a large agricultural and populated area, has a total of 14,068 households with 43,115 people in poverty, who will be lifted out of poverty steadily this year.