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Looking for the Most Beautiful Smiling Faces by the Side of Dongting Lake

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Hanshou Jiang Jianjun: Walking Out the Path to Happiness with One Leg



Jiang Jianjun and His Ducks


"Lao Jiang, this year's ducks are well raised. I guess they will sell for a good price." On the morning of November 4, in Group 4 of Chongtian Village, Yangtaohu Town, Hanshou County of Changde City, villager Jiang Jianjun was feeding the ducks in captivity. Uncle Huang, the neighbor next door, chatted enthusiastically.

"Not bad. This year the epidemic has affected the price of pork, and it has also pushed up our price. It is likely that we can get a duck for ten or twenty yuan a catty." Jiang Jianjun responded while calling the ducks to come and eat. "I sold a duck for more than 100 yuan last year!"

The accompanying village party secretary introduced to reporters that Jiang Jianjun is a hard-working person. He has a son and a daughter with his wife Wen Jiao. Both children are healthy and sensible. However, he and his wife Wen Jiao have different degrees of physical disabilities. Jiang Jianjun has always relied on crutches to walk, but he didn't feel that he was different from others. He felt that he could do well what others could do well.

Because his wife has completely lost the ability to work, and a pair of children are studying at school, the financial pressure is like a mountain weighing on Jiang Jianjun alone. Without a skill, Jiang Jianjun’s income would be difficult to maintain the living expenses of the family. In 2014, Jiang Jianjun was rated as a poor household with a registered card. Although Jiang Jianjun suffers from third-degree disability, he is mentally competent. In addition to the government's implementation of measures and policies to provide him with a minimum living guarantee, he also used his spare time to work in the poverty alleviation workshop in the village. Part-time work must be hard work, and the burden of work makes him somewhat overwhelmed, but Jiang Jianjun secretly made up his mind, for his wife and children, for the family! He has no stand for retreat, and it is sunny day when all the difficulties get passed. Every time he goes to work in the workshop, the clothes on his body are soaked. Even if he needs to use a cane while working, he never complains about hard work or tiredness. "Although the job presents no easy deed, the support of his wife and children also makes me feel contentment and happiness." Jiang Jianjun said cheerfully.

“He bears hardships and stands hard work without complaint or resentment, and his selfless dedication to this precarious home has made people around us full of praise." Secretary Li said that in the process of poverty alleviation, when poverty alleviation cadres solve difficulties for the masses, many poor people will ask for this. For such materials, some even directly ask for money, and have no interest in technology, industry, channels, platforms, etc. But Jiang Jianjun got rid of this wait-and-rely thinking pattern, and he had the consciousness of doing it himself and having enough food and clothing.

In 2016, with the support of Jiang Jianjun’s poverty alleviation cadres, a small loan enabled him to raise chickens and ducks at home. At the beginning, due to lack of technology and experience, he encountered difficulties. Many chickens and ducks died of illness when they grew up halfway. Jiang Jianjun did not get discouraged but asked people for help everywhere. Later, with the help of technicians in the livestock station, his family's breeding industry slowly got on the right track. Now he has a net income of at least 20,000 yuan a year, plus more than 10,000 yuan from working. In 1991, Jiang Jianjun and his family successfully escaped poverty.

Neighbors often teased him: "Keeping these livestock, the house is so dirty, and the smell is so bad, how can you bear it? You two just rely on disability subsidies and poverty alleviation subsidies, and it is enough to feed the family!" Jiang Jianjun always smiled: " There is no way like that. Physical conditions do not allow it. You can only rely on the development of the breeding industry to increase your income. Although your body is disabled, you can never give up yourself like this! Although the country’s policies are good, you cannot add to the country’s burden!" He is physically disabled but never turns to others without a bottom line. "Relying on external forces to get rid of poverty is a momentary solution, and relying on one's own to get rid of poverty is a lifetime strategy. Only when you are self-reliant and self-reliant on the road to get rid of poverty can you truly live a happy life." Jiang Jianjun said.

Regarding the future, the 54-year-old farmer simply said with a plain and impressive smile, “If you want to continue the breeding industry, you can’t afford not to work the part-time job. As long as I have something to do, I won’t let go of my ‘iron crutch’ and try to make more money so that my children can read more books, stand their own positions in the society and return the benefit to the society and those who have helped us."

It is reported that Yangtao Lake was restructured into a town in 2003, with a total area of 34.3 square kilometers, a total population of 15,000, and a total of 5 administrative villages, 1 community, and two "small three fields". The impoverished village of Chongtian Village was established in 2017. Successfully getting rid of poverty in the year, the town has 321 registered poor households with 904 people. Among them, 311 households, 881 people have been lifted out of poverty, and 10 households with 23 people have not been lifted out of poverty.


Anxiang Chen Qing: Getting Rid of the "Poverty Hat" and Bringing Wealth to a Group of People



In 2019, Chen Qing established Changde Jingdexiang Special Breeding Co., Ltd.



In late autumn, the verdant side of the road in the field was dripping with greenery, tweeting and singing birds lingering in the ears, a gust of wind blew the rice, and the leaves fell into the embrace of Mother Earth. On November 3, the reporter walked into Zongyangshu Village, Sanchahe Town, Anxiang County of Changde, seeing the fields full of songs of harvest.

"Master Chen, with your clothes today you look so handsome." Chen Qing, 44, wears a white shirt and a straight suit, with a happy smile on his face.The reporter walked into Chen Qing’s poverty alleviation story with doubts. It turned out that Chen Qing was born in a poor family in Congyangshu Village, Sanchahe Town, Anxiang County. After divorce, he had to take care of his mother and son alone. He suffered from polio in childhood. The disability put him in trouble in employment and had to take odd jobs to maintain his living. In 2014, Chen Qing was rated as a poor household with a registered card. For several years, village cadres, work teams and paired cadres all tried to help him out of poverty. In 2019, Chen Qing finally ushered in a turning point in his life.

"Last year when I was working with my classmates, I met a friend. Finding that although I was physically disabled, I was not a trouble maker but a reliable partner, he wanted to help me." Chen Qing said. Encouraged by this friend, he also wanted to get rid of poverty. Chen Qing's heart began to fluctuate, and he decided to grit his teeth and create a career. In May 2019, Chen Qing embarked on a train to Weifang City, Shandong Province, and started learning before starting his own business. After being introduced by a friend, he went to a special breeding company in Weifang City to learn leech breeding and processing and earthworm processing technology. Chen Qing knew that he had a poor foundation, and every day he recalled the technical knowledge points of the experts repeatedly, and he usually pondered the knowledge points more and deeper than other pupils and figures out every possible way to master the breeding and processing technology in the shortest time.

Last year, Chen Qing decided to set up a leech breeding and processing company and earthworm processing company in his hometown. The lack of funds became a headache for him. When learning that he was short of investment, without hesitation, his friends invested 2 million yuan to purchase equipment for Chen Qing. In December 2019, Chen Qing established Changde Jingdexiang Special Breeding Co., Ltd. in the village. Last year, Chen Qing bred 20 acres of leeches and created an income of 100,000 yuan through breeding and processing. At the same time, the half-year processing volume of earthworms reached 50 tons, with an output value of about 600,000 yuan.

Chen Qing became rich, and he decided to help the poor households in the village to get rich together. He said: “My creed is always keeping an attitude of gratitude to the noble people I have encountered in my life, because they have pulled me out of pond in the most difficult time. I want to pass on this "Baton of Love". The company will always give priority to poor households under the same conditions.” Last year, the company’s maximum employment volume reached 30 people, of which 8 were from poor households, and the wages of poor households were paid 40,000 yuan, effectively solving the problem of nearby employment for poor households.

"Boss Chen is kind to people and never postpone the wage issue. We all love to do things with him." Hu Laxiang, 53 years old, is a villager in the fifth group of western Congyangshu, Sanchahe Town, and he is a beneficiary on the road of Chen Qing’s entrepreneurship. Hu Laxiang told reporters that working nearby, the elderly in the family and farming can take care of them, and they can earn 120 yuan a day to subsidize the family. “We are already satisfied,” he said smilingly. At the same time, Chen Qing also led poor households to join the company’s industrial assistance. Through industrial expenditure, the farmers and the company each took half of the cost, and provided free technical guidance. This effectively motivated 3 households with 10 acres of leeches and created income of about 50,000 yuan for the poor. Although successful in starting a business, under the smooth progress of the leech and earthworm breeding and processing industry, Chen Qing did not forget to continue to learn to raise funds, integrate with the market, develop multiple industries to drive poor households to become rich, and plan to expand breeding and processing in the future and develop a pomegranate picking garden. The output value is expected to reach 2 million yuan.

Chen Qing has gone from being a poor household to taking off his “poverty hat”, step by step, and led the poor people around him to get rich together. “Now that life is better, people have become more confident, everything goes well, and my son is proud of me. He wants to find another partner in the future and live a well-off life." Talking about the future, Chen Qing smiled happily.

It is reported that Anxiang County is the most challenging county in poverty alleviation. The county has 12,414 households with 37,791 people in poverty, 32 poor villages, and 105 non-poor villages with a poor population of more than 100. The poverty incidence rate in 2014 was 9.5 %. By the end of 2019, a total of 11,842 households with 36,348 people had been lifted out of poverty, and the 32 poor villages had all been off list. The incidence of poverty dropped to 0.33%. The remaining 572 households with 1,443 people are planned to be lifted out of poverty this year.