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Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers in Wuling District

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On the occasion of the arrival of “National Scientific and Technological Workers’ Day” on May 30th, the Wuling District Science and Technology Association introduced a group of typical scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions, done touching deeds and embodied the spirit of the new era. The activity aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of science and technology staff for innovation and entrepreneurship, form a sound social fashion that strives for progress and respects science, promote such scientific spirits as “dedication, innovation, truth-seeking and cooperation”, and contribute wisdom and strength to “building a beautiful Wuling and creating a powerful industrial zone”.


Li Xiaoping: an experienced and responsible engineer in Changde Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd.

Li Xiaoping, 55 years old, is the chief engineer of the Research Institute of Changde Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. In July 1988, he graduated from Hunan Agricultural University and was assigned to Changde Tobacco Industrial Machinery Factory (the predecessor of the company). For more than thirty years, he has been working hard in the field of tobacco machines’ research and development.


Li Xiaoping is adjusting the machine in the workshop.


He has successively served as an assistant designer, a designer, and the chief designer. From September 2002 to April 2006, he was temporarily transferred to the China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center to develop high-speed coiling units and became the chief designer in charge of the design and trial production of the mounting machine. From May 2006 to 2012, he was responsible for the design and development of the company’s ZL26A filter rod forming unit. Since June 2013, he has been the person in charge of the mechanical design and development of the major special ZJ119 coiling unit project of the National Tobacco Monopoly Administration. This project is the top priority of the company’s research and development task, related to the stability of the market for the company and its continuation of  steady development.

 Li Xiaoping turned such great pressure into motivation. He led the team to work overtime every night. Most of the time, he stayed on the first line of debugging and conducted on-site technical guidance to solve various technical problems in the debugging process. With unremitting efforts, the ZJ119 prototype was completed according to the plan and successfully delivered. He then led the team to the Tobacco Factory. In the production workshop with spraying insecticides, closed doors and windows, and even no air-conditioners in hot summer, he and his team still actively participated in the assembly and commissioning of the prototype. This excellence, meticulous craftsmanship and selfless dedication, regardless of personal gains and losses, won the high praise of the Tobacco Factory.

For more than thirty years, he has been committed to product development and technological innovation, and has never stopped learning. Li Xiaoping has now published several research papers in industry journals such as Tobacco Science and Technology. Up to now, he has obtained twenty-two patents, including ten invention patents and two appearance patents, becoming the company’s research and development personnel with the most patents.

As a senior mechanical designer, he gives full play to the role of “passing experience on to new staff”, giving selfless help and support to his colleagues, especially young designers. He considers the subject research as a great opportunity for young people to grow and cultivate backup power for the enterprise.

Li Xiaoping is highly recognized by the company for his solid basic skills, rigorous, realistic and innovative working style, hard-working attitude, pioneering spirit, united and cooperative team leadership, and selfless dedication to the enterprise. His charisma has played a leading role in the industry and within the company, and has made outstanding contributions to the company’s “first-class technology”.


Deng Dexiang: Integrating Technology into the Kitchen    

Deng Dexiang is the chairman of Hunan Dechu Energy Saving Technology Development Co., Ltd., the chairman of Hunan Qijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and the executive vice president of Wuling District Entrepreneurship Association.


Deng Dexiang


In 2000, after leaving his former company, he established his first company in Wuling District: New Detergent Research and Development Center of Changde City, which mainly produces cleaning agents for restaurants. In less than two years, it served nearly one-third of the catering enterprises in Changde. In 2013, Deng Dexiang began to use his free time to study stoves. For the first time, he participated in the China Kitchenware Expo. He collected various stove materials at the exhibition and purchased various gas stoves for trial production and innovation. After a whole year’s hard work, the first generation of energy-saving stoves was finally trial-produced, and after being put on the market, it was praised by the chef unanimously.

In 2015, after continuous improvement and upgrading, the functions of waste heat and hot water were added and in 2016, an all-electronic pot rack valve pan fire extinguishing system was added too. Air-defense boiler rack valve is the latest patented product researched and designed by Deng’s company. It is one of the most stable, long-life and safest energy-saving products in China.

In 2017, Deng Dexiang completed product finalization. The new energy-saving stove is composed of an energy-saving furnace core, upper and lower hearths, air-defense pot rack valves and energy gathering discs. The hearth is made of cast steel, which is durable and easy to maintain. The overall thermal efficiency of the new energy-saving stove was as high as 46.8%, which was higher than the national first-level energy-saving standard. The energy-saving stove has been awarded three utility model patents and three appearance invention patents.

Deng Dexiang applied for a product trademark under his own name “Deng Dexiang” and registered Hunan Dechu Energy Saving Technology Development Co., Ltd. In 2018, the company entered the Internet Entrepreneurship Park in Wuling District. He participated in the Changde Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018 and won the Excellent Award, and then was awarded the second prize of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Changde and the first prize in Wuling District.

In 2019, he set up Hunan Qijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services of kitchen equipment. After one year of operation, it is currently the benchmark enterprise of cleaning services in the catering industry in Changde City, serving nearly 500 catering companies.


Li Tao: A “Patent Master” Dedicated in Innovation

Li Tao, graduating from Hunan University of Technology in 2009 with a major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, joined Changde Ruihua Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2013 and is currently the deputy general manager of the company.


Li Tao is collecting data in the workshop.

Li Tao has participated in the research and development of the tobacco blower recycling and treatment equipment of the air-blown waste tobacco machine, which adopts the advanced air-blown principle to recover the shredded tobacco. The equipment has advanced technology and is a domestic and international initiative, which has gained much recognition and been highly praised by peers in the tobacco industry. Meanwhile, the equipment won such awards as the second prize of Wuling District Science and Technology Innovation in 2016, the first prize of Wuling District Patent Technology in 2017, and the 2018 Changde Science and Technology Innovation Award.

Li Tao has always been engaged in product technology development, and has successively participated in the research and development of the automatic plugging system of the filter rod launching pipeline, the automatic adjustment system of the circumferential instrument, the auxiliary waste smoke machine, and the complete set of equipment for automatic air blower tobacco shred recycling, and he has achieved important achievements.

Li Tao is also very innovative in the company’s product research and development process. Based on his professional knowledge and production practice, Li Tao has continuously put forward various original solutions and has his own unique insights on many important technical issues. In the process of technical research, he dares to dig into problems and is not afraid of enduring hardship. He attaches great importance to various test data. In order to obtain the key data of equipment transportation, he often collects, sorts and analyzes data at the test site day and night. The spirit of Li Tao’s hard work has also driven other technical personnel, and the company has gathered a research and development team with strong technical capabilities, which has laid the foundation for the company’s continuous introduction of technological innovation.

Until now, Li Tao has applied for more than thirty patents and obtained over twenty invention and utility model patents, including more than ten invention patents, over ten types of innovative products and devices, and has improved more than twenty products’ production technology. In 2016, he won the second prize of the Wuling District Science and Technology Innovation Award, and his patents won the first prize of the 2017 Wuling District Patent Award.


Ding Junrong: The “Small Stone” of the Podium Igniting the Youth’s Technological Dream

Standing besides the three-foot podium, and always pursing hope with a loving heart: it is the true portrayal of Ding Junrong and his persistent pursuit in the field of science and technology education. Ding Junrong is now a teacher at Beizhengjie Primary School in Hengda Huafu, Wuling District, Changde City, who has been teaching for eighteen years.


Ding Junrong is guiding his students to conduct experiments.


He first started the robot competition in 2012 in Beizhengjie Primary School in Wuling District of Changde, then transformed to technology innovation training in the Hengda Campus in 2016, and later established and developed a Maker Space in 2018 there. He has devoted himself to improving the technological popularization training and competition training system for eight years. These hardening and trekking experiences can be described as both a bright future and winding roads.

In the eight years, the team led by Ding Junrong has won more than a hundred medals in district, municipal, provincial, national and international competitions, including more than fifty gold medals. From 2012 to 2016, Ding Junrong was responsible for the school robot work in Beizhengjie Primary School, and served for the robot community course teaching and robot school team competition training. He led the school robot team teachers and students to participate in the municipal, provincial, national and international robot competition, winning more than sixty medals, including more than twenty gold medals.

“In the past eight years, I have changed from full hair to full baldness. It is a painful but happy process. This is a true portrayal of an ordinary science teacher. I’m not the only one. There are many scientific workers like me who are full of passion for science and creation. A group of ordinary people are working silently for the development of Wuling Technology.” It is the contributions and efforts of “Ding Junrongs” that make this happen.

In 2016, Ding Junrong moved to Beizhengjie Primary School in Hengda Huafu, set up a BIT Lab Maker Course, organized a school science and technology innovation community, trained science education teachers, formed a school technology education team, established a Marker Space, and formed a more complete technology education training and competition system. At the same time, he also led the popular science education team to carry out research on the subject. After three years of exploration and research, the provincial-level project “Primary Maker Space Construction and Application Research” was successfully concluded in November, 2019.

In addition to leading students to learn science during work, Ding Junrong often uses his free time to guide students in scientific and technological innovation, leads them to study their selected technological innovation projects, and actively participates in various officially organized scientific and technological innovation competitions. Up to now, the students trained by his team have participated in various competitions and received more than forty awards, including over thirty gold medals.

In May 2019, Ding Junrong’s student Qin Lu’s scientific and technological innovation works won the first prize in “the 14th Hunan Science and Technology Innovation Competition”, and also won the second prize in “the 34th National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition” in August of the same year. In October 2019, Ding Junrong and the school jointly applied for a utility model patent “a hot air circulation heat preservation type for drying clothes device” (patent number: 201921855004.2), which has been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office, and this patent is now under review. “The results are hard to come by. Behind every result is the 5 (workdays) plus 2 (weekends), days plus nights, requiring so much tolerance and perseverance that ordinary people cannot image.” Ding Junrong admitted.

In addition to engaging in science and technology education in schools, Ding Junrong also serves as the “Tutoring Volunteer for Youth Science in Changde Science and Technology Museum”. His serious working attitude has earned him a title as the “Excellent Science Tutoring Volunteer” twice.

Due to his diligence and hard working, Ding Junrong’s efforts and dedication in science and technology education paid off. He was rated as “Excellent Science and Technology Teacher” by Wuling District Education Bureau for two consecutive years, and was selected as “Top Ten Science and Technology Teachers” by Changde Science and Technology Association in 2017.

“In the future of science and technology education, I will, as always, never forget my original intentions and forge ahead. I am willing to be a small stone and lay the foundation for a successful life for children.” Ding Junrong is the “small stone” of the three-foot podium, holding up children’s technological dreams.